Dilwara temples – Mount Abu

Dilwara temples are dedicated to Jain Tirthankars, 3km from Mount Abu, Rajasthan .1-dilwara temples

  • These Jain temples were built by Vastupal-Tejpal, a Jain laymen between the 11th and 13th centuries AD and are world famous for their stunning use of marble.
  • Most beautiful Jain pilgrimage sites in the world, have an opulent entrance way, the simplicity in architecture reflecting Jain values like honesty and frugality.
  • Facilities are available for bathing, which is mandatory before puja is performed for the idols.

Worship hours

  • January to December: Open all days 12:00 pm to 05:00 pm
  • Free entry for all.

Contact Info:

  • Dilwara Jain Temples, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, 307501, India
  • Telephone: +91 – 2974 235151

Five Unique Temples of Dilwara

There are five temples in all, each with its own unique identity. Each is named after the small village in which it is located. These are:

  • Vimal Vasahi, dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara, Rishabha.
  • Pithalhar, dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar, Rishabha.
  • Luna Vasahi, dedicated to the 22nd Jain Tirthankara, Neminatha.
  • Parshvanath, dedicated to the 23rd Jain Tirthankara, Parshvanatha.
  • Mahavir Swami, dedicated to the 24th and last Jain Tirthankara, Mahavira.

The Rang mandap is a grand hall supported by 12 decorated pillars with carved female figurines playing musical instruments and 16 Vidhyadevis, or the goddesses of knowledge, each one holding her own symbol.

Luna Vasahi

The Luna Vashi temple is dedicated to Lord Neminath. This magnificent temple was built in 1230 by two Porwad brothers – Vastupal and Tejpal

Pittalhar Temple

This temple was built by Bhamashah kavdia of Rajasthan. A massive metal statue of the first tirthankara, Rishabha Dev (Adinath), cast in five metals, is installed in the temple. The main metal used in this statue is ‘Pital’ (brass), hence the name ‘Pittalhar’.

Parshvanatha Temple

This temple, dedicated to Lord Parshvanath, was built by Mandlik and his family in 1458-59 It consists of a three storied building, the tallest of all the shrines at Dilwara.

Mahaveer Swami Temple

This is a small structure constructed in 1582 and dedicated to Lord Mahavira. being small it is a marvelous temple with carvings on its walls.

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