Junnu – Kalvadans – sweet dish made from Colostrum milk cooked pudding.

Junnu is most favorite sweet dish / milk pudding made out of colostrum milk. Colostrum milk is cow or buffalo’s milk during first six to seven days after calf is born.

Kalvdans (lit. ‘calf dance’) is a classical Scandinavian dessert made of colostrum milk.
To make Junnu you just watch out for pregnant cows or buffaloes nearby. This first milk is special milk with rich protein and nutritional values. Calf must consume this first milk for its good health and good immunity. Excess of milk is collected and distributed to those who wants it.
What is required to make Junnu:
•    Colostrum Milk / Junnu paalu / first 5 days milk of cow/buffalo after calf is born – 1 litre (1000ml)
•    Normal Milk – 500 ml
•    Sugar of Jaggery – 250gm (Jaggery must be grated)
•    Black Pepper powder coarsely ground– 1 tsp
•    Cardamoms ground finely – 1 tsp (made with 5-10 pieces as per flavor/taste required)
How to make Junnu:
Add normal milk to Colostrum milk. Add Sugar/jaggery, black pepper powder, powdered cardamom powder.

Mix well and and put the contents in vessels that can go in pressure cooker or oven.

Using Idli cooker/pressure cooker

Add around 1 inch level of water in the cooker. Pour junnu milk in the cooker vessels fitted in stand – put inside cooker.

Cover the cooker with lid and cook for 10 minutes on high flame and 30 minutes on low flame.
Leave it for 10 minutes to cool down and then open the cooker.

Junnu is ready – milk is solidified, vessels can be taken out and cut with knife into pieces.

This is special sweet and loved by all.

Keep the prepared Junnu in refrigerator and can be consumed anytime you like it.

Note: Not recommended for pregnant ladies, menstruating women and children.

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