About HS

Heal Society is an initiative to bring information on all religions at one place help making comparisons and cross learning.

World is diversely united and we are all connected and transforming to new society where there will be mutual respect for all traditions, cultures, faiths, beliefs, religions, followings.

We are humans first and then comes any thing that distinguishes individual personally.

Century’s old traditions and cultures are the basis for what we are now.  Catch the road that is laid out and start finding new path when fully understand the negatives of the existing path and new path has promising benefits.

Every evolution is for the benefit of mankind and faith is most important one. We are what we born and we can be what we want .

Tolerance is inherent part of every religion and lets go back to our roots and explore the culture, traditions and practices

There are 98% who believe one or the other religion in this world and every religion teaches

Morals, ethics and legality

Whats wrong why the world is living in grip of fear, greed, corruption, molestation, selfish, degradation of values?

The teaching are not correct or not all follow them as per their religious tenets.?

If we are proud of our religion then we need to stand up to the set standards of that religion.

Let not diversions, greed, influences, jealousy, ego come into play to undermine character of one.

Character and integrity is important and if they are lost everything is lost.

Life is simple, Live morally, ethically and legally – Let’s heal society

World is global village now than in the past centuries. We have more information than available to us and that sometimes root cause for destruction than construction.

When we don’t have phones we struggled to talk, Now we have phones with free calling across the globe but we don’t talk. We have more choices to eat, drink, dance, meet and party and that not the way of leading happy life.

People live under same roof but poles part in thinking – wrong expectations, wrong interpretations and ruining relations.

We are looking just at what is in surrounding us and getting along and not based on our roots.

We need to bring the balance out of many imbalances prevailing like violence, terrorism, greed, degradation of moral values, ethics and many more. We all want to prosper and be happy. Happiness is not just in flesh but look beyond, look out for our purpose of life which will give more happiness.

When a small baby kicks parents, they  enjoy it, but not when grown up baby does it. Our elders trod the path and gained bundles of knowledge and has something to say to us and it will help us not to repeat the same mistakes.

Its our small initiative to unite the world in peace.

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Live happily