Amritsar – Ramleela train hitting people tragedy – whom to blame?

Amritsar Tragedy

13006 Amritsar-Howrah Express hit the people on the tracks with full speed killing 60+ people and injuring many.  The people were watching Ramleela event during the happening.

Place: Dhobi Ghat ground which is less than 2 km from the Amritsar station.

Ignorance by event organizers, politicians, businessmen, local powerful man, educated spectators, Railway station staff, who cleared security permission for massive public gathering which includes fire and safety hazards. It’s even common sense to be watchful on railway tracks when crossing. Its overlook by many as festive spirits doused the common sense to ignore safety taking many lives.

Gathering on festive occasions is common in India and in fact anywhere in the world. Any gathering event or function must be informed to authorities for safety, security of the participants.

In Amritsar event the organizers seem to have ignored the basic security or awareness programme to the participants about do and don’ts.

Even for small function, procession the roads are blocked to give the way for smooth passage and enable spectators to watch the procession with joy.

Here in Amrtisar – the organizers know that the Ramleela event is organized which expect huge number of people attending the event.  The place must have been selected to provide space for 1000s  of people thronging for the event.

The roads must have been barricaded and police must have given permission to conduct the Ramleela event. How come Amritsar railway station is not informed about possibility of people watching from railway tracks. Its not regular event but once in year event and lapse here about miscommunication.

The railway line is not obsolete but main line with live trains movement round the clock.

The railway station staff also must have known about the Ramleela event which is held annual at this place. How come this security breach is overlooked and no one alerted/sensed that a train could pass on the tracks?

The event is witnessed and attended by politicians, businessmen, Local powerful people and educated persons as well and common sense didn’t show up for even single person about the safety of those watching from live railway tracks.

Mob attitude is wrong and culprit for the havoc. Few standing on the track watching and more joined and many more joined them with guess that others are there so I do. The first one who stood there was a fool and who followed him is a fool and many fools followed and small group began wide spread group spanning long railway track. Sorry for those who lost their lives. The people watching are mainly migrant labor from other states who came to Armitsar to eke out livelihood and survival and finally went under tracks. RIP those who lost lives.

Its caution – never join a gathering without questioning the reason for the gathering, possible outburst, eruption of violence, stampede. Especially when go out with family stay away from crowded places as theft can happen, misbehavior can happen, pushing, falling, hurting self or others and any kind of nuisance and troubles can come uninvited.

Be watchful when going to or passing by – Malls, exhibitions, new openings, political rallies, faction fights, new cinema release, and religious sensitive functions.

Evil forces will at work while the devotees are busy attending their faith fulfillment. Avoid risk prone events and places.

People’s emotions trigger by even simple wrong by others in the public. Learn to accommodate and pardon for others unintentional mistakes. If mass/mob joins the scene a trivial incident can lead to huge fights, firings and feelings

Let’s work towards peace to prevail everywhere – !sarve janaah sukhino bhavantu!


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