Australia’s lethal weapons surrender to Amnesty

Australians have handed over around 57,000 guns to its National Amnesty to make the nation safer.

Nation’s first amnesty since the Port Arthur Massacre 1996, from then Australia has enacted many strict laws in order to ease tensions. The government’s main motive behind this is to take thousands of unregistered and illegal firearms off the streets and connotes weapons must not be in the hands of criminals who threatens the life of people.

Some of the weapons surrendered include automatic rifles, hand-made guns, and rocket launchers. Amnesty also turned in some weapons which weren’t lethal- swords, daggers, knives, and crossbows. Though they are fatal, some of those given historical importance by offering those to exhibit in museums.

In Australia,there has been no mass shootings for 22 years. Government is ready to legalise many laws to counter any terror activities and taking measures to make all the weapons to be registered under, though many weapons enter the nation from overseas. It is bound to remove all the unregistered weapons from the nation in order to counter gun trafficking.

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