Body on stick?, Life on toes? Use unique tag to explore life’s opportunities and change your identity.

Why craze for heels? Be true to yourself.

One wants to look good and be respected well in any society.footwear-fashion-high-heels-danger-joint-pains-flat-shoes

Our body and its attributes like color, height, and beauty are all gifts of god and unnecessary to worry on what is not in our control.

You face lot of problems with heels:  You get Foot and ankle problems, Joint pains, back pains, falling and sprained ankles

High heels don’t shock absorb like other normal shoes and give you very less flexibility in movements.

Opt for : Normal flat shoes or with little heel, heels for short duration only and walk with bare foot for natural acupressure healing for the body.

Thank god that we are given brains to explore the life and good to bet on materialization of our imagination.

Happiness or achievement is really NOT possessed by those, who are really the best in color, super in height & weight or possess amazing body & beauty

Making heels part of life is something false attribute which is obvious and throw false signs.


Heels are dangerous, pose health risks. Footwear is not an ornament, it’s to protect your feet and give confidence in walking.

Heels limit your freedom to walk jog and run. Do you know that one need to walk at least 4 minutes an hour to keep fit and healthy? Health is not what you see in your 20s and 30s, but beyond. Secure it with protective footwear.

There is a meaning if show case model wears a heel, as it doesn’t need any freedom but to sit or stand pretty.

Ooh – Why not think differently and adopt another attribute which is unique for you. Everyone is unique in one way or other and they just need to bring out and show to the world.

That’s it! Your identity is changed forever and need not depend on false practices and not worth risking life anymore.

No one is short or long, fat or thin, silent or loud, melody or horrible – it’s all relative, and what all it matters is one is healthy or unhealthy.

Standing on heels elevates you by few inches whereas standing on your own skills, talent will make you to stand taller miles apart from your environment.

Make people to look at you – your identity – your tag!!!

You can excel in arts, science, oratory skills, or even tagged by a blog or express your unique qualities to the world.

I will share some real examples seen in my life

  • A blind person is insulted by all until he aligned his energies to master music. He became great musician and the same crowd and bigger crowd even, remember him always for his music and not at all for his physical challenges.
  • A model, who fell on ramp walk broke her legs and spine. She has difficulty in leading normal life, even normal walking and became joke for all around. – She realized, its waste to ponder over the comments and waste her life. She picked singing to excel, lucky to get good guru and spent good time in practice and became playback singer, well appreciated by the world. Retagged her life and entered in new lease of life.
  • Even worse a person who lost his legs and hands in war, condemned by all and himself became hopeless. But an idea told casually by his friend that painting can change his life changed his life. An idea he gave serious shot, did practice with mouth to paint all his creativity. He started driving in customized car and digital technology to show his talent to the world. In couple of years, his paintings found slot in many prestigious houses, companies and corporates. One day he was on a tele show and covered in media which his old friend watched who advised him one day on painting. He surprised, delighted and rushed to see him traveling 1000s of miles to congratulates him on his new lease of life.

True to be what you are and live morally, ethically and legally and lets make healthy society.

Wear foot wear to protect your legs, enable you walk better and be active always.

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