Brihaspati’s son Kacha learning mrita sanjeevani from Sukracharya


Kacha is mentioned in the Mahaabhaarata, the Matsya Purana and the Agni Purana. He was known for learning Mrita Sanjivini Mantra (a hymn for reviving the dead) from Demon’s guru Sukracharya.

Kashyap is great sage prajapati, and as per Vishnu Purana, he marries thirteen daughters of Daksha: Aditi, Diti, Kadru, Danu, Arishta, Surasa, Surabhi, Vinata, Tamra, Krodhavasha, Ira, Vishva and Muni.

Diti’s children became Asuras/Demons and Aditi’s children became Suras/Devatas. Both children are cousins regularly fight and one win some time and other next time.

Demons have Sukracharyudu as Guru and Devata’s guru is Brihaspati.

Sukracharya did penance for many years and attained mrita sanjeevani vidhya by which he used to give life back to dead demons. Once Brihaspati thought of getting this vidhya for the benefit of Devatas. He requested his son to go and learn the vidhya from Sukra. By now Devatas didn’t do Amrutapaanam to overcome death.

Kachh went to Sukra and told tha he is Angirasa vamsa, son of Brihaspathi name is Kachu and came for education from you.

Demons didn’t like this plot of Devatas to seek Mrita sanjeevani to benefit thru Kach. All Demons are against Kach and trying to destroy him.

Devayani is Sukra’s daughter fell in love with Kach.

She is young and beautiful trying to seduce Kach – who is having respect to guru and treating Guru’s daughter as sister. Kach focused on his mission and having no diversions. Once demons planned and killed Kach while returning after cows grazing fields.

It is evening and night Kach didn’t return. Devayani doubted on what happened to him, felt sad and went crying to his father and told about this. Sukra checked with his divya dristi / remote powers and came to know of what happened. He gave life to him. Devayani is happy.

Demons felt angry on this and this time they killed him , burnt and mixed ash in wine and gave to Sukra. Sukra didn’t take it as usual with out any suspicion.


It is evening and night Kach didn’t return. Devayani is in love and doubted on what happened to him, felt sad and went crying to his father and told about this. Sukra could not bear her sadness and immediately checked with his divya dristi / remote powers and came to know of what happened.

He thought demons did cruel act but helped Kach in other way. To save him he has to come out of his stomach which will end him. So by force he taught Kach mrita sanjeevani. Kach came out and immediately gave life back to Guru.

He gave life to him with the knowledge he gained from his Guru. Devayani is happy.

Kachh completed his mission to learn mrita sanjeevani and about to take permission to leave from Sukra, Devayani came and told that she loved him so much and this way he cannot leave her. Kach made it clear that from the beginning he treats her as sister as she is Guru’s daughter can cannot fulfilled her desire in anyway. Devayani felt sad and cursed that his learning will not help him.

Kach told her that education learned will never be waste. It may not be useful to me but it will be helpful to those I teach.

Sukra is neutral and appreciated Kach’s sincerity as Shishya and his morals.

We have lot to learn form this.

  • When you want to learn something even from opponents, be obedient, win the heart with love, and give an attempt. Brihaspati is know for his intelligence and when he felt the need for mrita sanjeevani he wanted to get it.
  • Sent his son on mission to learn the ms vidhya, Brihaspati knows the risk of sending his son but for the welfare of his people he behaved like great leader.
  • Sukra would have rejected if anyone else would have approached him for that purpose.
  • When some one seeks any knowledge form you – give it – vidhya daanam is greatest of all. Sukra didn’t deny when he is approached by Kach.
  • When one wants to learn he needs to respect guru and do abide by Guru’s terms, serve him, please him. Kach performed Cow grazing and other scores for Guru.
  • Jealousy is dangerous virtue and can bring loss to one who nurtures it. Demons jealousy became good virtue for Kach.
  • Respect relations – We have traditions and culture – Gurus are equivalent to parents and their children are considered as siblings. Kach did treat Devayani same way. Kach showed the qualities of Devatas and of his father Brihaspati. Devayani reflected demon qualities and temptations.
  • No distractions. A student must focus on his mission , ambition and not get distracted by any thing. Kachh didn’t yield to Devayani and her love.
  • If you are character person and blessed – anyone will help to save you. Its Devayani who actually pleaded Sukra for reliving of Kachh but Sukra has responsibility of his student’s life. Kach is saved by Sukra as he is his best student and Devayani is just information agent.

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