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Land is filling up fast

Land is filling up fast

Population growth, Demand for homes, demand for land

Land for roads, rail, airports, power stations, institutions, offices, facilities all eating up land space.

Fertile agri lands / forest land, lakes, rive beds all being occupied and converted to dwelling land, concrete structures, creating space for growing population demands.

Geography, eco system getting changed.

Rivers, natural water sources, forest cover, ice cover, climate, eco system all affecting.

Once homes were away from noise, pollution

Industries, work places, offices were built away from human habitation be it villages, towns, cities.

With cities growing the separation from industries, pollution seems not possible as the divide between industries and habitation is getting closer.

Now homes/flat are built are built near highways, traffic junctions, railway lines, polluting industries, near sewer lines, polluted lakes

Once free air was available and now living in polluted space.

Living in traffic

Commuting and living in traffic is increasing now a days. traffic jams, slow moving traffic increased pollution levels,

Offices are mostly in populated, congested areas surrounded by roads, traffic, controlled ambience.

Atleast homes/living space try to be in non polluted environment

Chose a home

  • Not on highways, at traffic junctions
  • Not near industries

Pollute less and Stay healthy.