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Concoction of all religions and universal truths and facts.

What all our religions, beliefs, traditions and culture speak

  • Live morally, live ethically and live with legal binding.
  • Be righteous and disciplined
  • Stay healthy, eat what does not harm your body.
  • Work towards universal brotherhood and peace.
  • Live with values
  • Be truthful and live with integrity
  • Make livelihood/Earning with honesty and values
  • Don’t be greedy
  • Be contented.
  • Do charity
  • Live without fear

No religion teaches

  • Immoral, Unethical and illegal values/acts.

We are how we are brought up and influenced by environmental factors.

  • Integrity is all that matters.
  • Don’t speak untruth, don’t steal, don’t trouble others,
  • Greed makes you to tread wrong steps and overlook values to earn extra dollars.
  • Earnings made by wrong means will not give real purpose of life, real happiness in life what all it can bring is afford luxurious outlook but not rich perfect pure life.
  • Make your knowledge to help others earn money and be contented on what you earned.

Ladies and Gents

  • Wear body covering cloths – it gives confidence and more freedom to move.
  • Avoid cloths which are body hugging, revealing and exposing.
  • Catch attention by excelling in your talent, special skills, arts and science.
  • Wear bindi, tilak – it looks good on you. No religion attached to this and anyone can wear to enhance beauty.
  • Carry turban cloth and wear it when protection is needed.
  • Spend in natural environ and avoid artificial environment.
  • Always Leave home with stomach full and less depend on outside food stuff. – good for health as it will be planned intake.
  •  Check alcohol intake – alcohol suppresses brain function. Let your brain function at full capacity and better.
  • Pure water is better than alcohol and one can spend liquor money for better purpose as one can alternatively think of.


  • Pure air breathing is better than polluted air, right?

Do you care for pure air and fresh breathing?

If you smoke why you smoke? You are polluting your lungs, your health and life.

Avoid smoke and you can think of better stimulants.

After all liquor and smoke are addictions. If anything taken couple of times it becomes addiction. It’s you who took initiation knowingly or unknowingly get into trap. Know it and this is the time to come out of it.

Where there is will, there is achievement.


  • You have time for all priorities
  • Check if your health is on your priority list
  • Check if your family life is on priority list
  • Check if your weekend getaway is on your priority list.
  • Check if giving back to society is on your list?
  • Check if charity is on you list?

Generally everything else would be on your priority list and may not be above.

If you have achieved something in your life and lead better life compared to the unfortunate ones, think of giving back to the society.

You can do what?

  • Take out time an hour a week at least and teach people around about morals values and ethics

Don’t think that who will listen?

Don’t expect 100% results but even 50 % listen attentively to you and 5% will surely give a thought and 1% adapt your teachings in their life styles.

At the least you don’t need to anything, just wear a T-shirt with a message which conveys values and move around for the people to notice.

People read the text on T shirts and 100 people may see, 50 people may read, 25 people may give a thought, 10 people repeat the quote/text 1 person give serious thought – You did good job of healing society.

For sure you will be branded and through your brand is healing society – which is more noble than this?

If you are fit and healthy – you can make people around fit and healthy

Daily routine

  • Sleep early to wake up early – Have enough sleep and good health
  • Do not get addicted to TV or Taber screens, as they steal your rest time and powerful thoughts


  •    Drink enough water – for good health and keeping at bay of cravings and unwanted junk inputs.

Physical fitness

  • Hit park nearby if possible daily
  • Walk/jog/run for an hour a day, preferably 4 min an hour from 6am to 10pm
  • Get some sunshine for bone strength, D vitamin and absorbing calcium


  • Look around for true love of unmarried/single man.
  • Do not carried away by infatuations
  • Seek long term partner.
  • Do not get into extra marital relationships, its neither legal/not ethical/nor moral.
  • Clear /counsel/settle differences that you may have with your loved ones and start new lease of life.

Family is a micro unit of any economy and whole universe in nutshell – balancing it will give peace of mind and nectar of life

Start healing society with happy family ties and enhance values