CES 2018, Allegations on Trump

Turkey: Pegasus Airlines – Boeing 737-800 Plane with 168 people skidded off a runway in muddy and closed just before Black sea resulting in miraculous escape for all on board.

CES 2018: Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas ended on 12 Jan which had 4000 exhibitors from many countries and is attended by ~170,000.
CES showcases the latest technology trends form around the world

AI (Artificial intelligence) from Amazon and Google,
Self driving cars
Medical world
and much more

Trump said to have paid $130,000 to a star Stormy Daniels, just before the 2016 presidential elections to shut her mouth. However these allegations are denied by Trump.
Just for talk – everyone expect their president to be perfect person with no spots to sit on top position in the Us and mostly in any country.
Morals and ethics matter are clearly important in everyone’s life.

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