Cheating every where – At Railway station


Chaiwala takes money for full cup but gives half cup chai only.

Quality of Chai – Garam as one shouts may not be garam/hot, adarakwala chai – may not contain adharak, badiya chai – may not be badiya – Not sure about the quality of milk, tea powder and chai powder used in making tea.


Water bottle vendors take full money but serve – never heard brand bottles. Tampered bottles being served are not out of scene. Rag pickers pick empty bottles and stories heard of filling them with normal tap water serving chilled.

FOOD (Lunch/Dinner/Biryani)

There are many vendors who serve food in the trains

Its like hit and run kind with quality with premium pricing. One buys to suppress one’s hunger for short time and gets stomach upset in sometime. Its like buying pain.

Quality checks / brand served / adulteration no one questions or unheard if one raises voice.

Food from in train pantry can be trusted.


Who cares how it is – in most of the trains – reservation coaches and general coaches look a like with passengers flooding everywhere.

Railways are making great efforts in cleaning and hygene but lack of them is general occurrence spots.


Take / demand money to give blessing. Its all poor people hit. I saw in many trains Hijras board trains and literally loot money from people from Rs.10 to 100. Some are so offensive they beat and do obscene acts, talk foul language, man handle and pull money. Is it a way of living? They come in groups, some people are afraid of them and try to hide but they are pulled and looted. We can see thousands in each hijra’s hand when they leave coach.

Some have respect for them and pay on their own to them. It hurts me when they harass public.


Kids, young and old alike beg in trains. Not sure if they are part of organized begging or really begging for survival. My mind goes blank when I see a beggar – these are beggars physically requesting you.

But we are all beggars begging some one somewhere in our lives for mercy, for favor, for gains, for power, for money, for life, for survival, for justice, for fair treatment.

Back to begging in train – if one has time to counsel them – do it and find out what they really want to do and how they can leave begging. You need not pay anything but show them ways to earn money with dignity and lead life

Train Ticket examiner (TTE)

With digitization and online booking public is relieved of travel booking hassles. TTE is representative of Railways and exhibition of sincerity and honesty will raise respect on the system and for them.

LATE running

this has come down now a days and mostly the trains are ontime unless some natural disasters occur.


Does railways knows the plight of passengers in general coaches. Coach of 72 will carry 200+ , literally one sits on another lap, no place to sit, travel standing for hours, hygiene of toilets is ruled out. If one is taking General ticket he has to travel and cannot postpone. Why not a train have more general coaches than reserved.

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