Drama on smoking

Drama on smoking

Ground: Monday 8am: Boss is eagerly waiting for his service delivery manager Ponti to come and give report. The report is crucial and needs to be submitted to client. Calls him many times to hear – will be there in 5 minutes 10 minutes story.

Monday 11am: Ponti rushes hurriedly to office and sees boss to assure the availability of report in few minutes.

Part 1: Boss and Ponti at office

Boss: Hi Ponti, why are you late today? Is everything fine with you? Its already 11am and client is waiting for the report, when you will submit report? Please let me know if you need any help – all are waiting for it.

Posh: I am fine thanks. Actually, petrol is over in my car on the way at Moon way. Parked car there and went to nearby petrol station to get fuel and is the reason for the delay. Most unexpected thing of life.

Boss: Ok I believe and no worries. But there could be other sources nearby that area for petrol. I know that, it’s sold even in a pan shop

Posh: No sir, that’s adulterated and cannot trust the quality of that!

Boss: what happens? If you go for it

Posh: It will spoil the engine and I cannot afford to damage my car with cheap/adulterated fuel that’s why I traveled by local taxi to bunk to get fuel.

B: Great. I like your care for your vehicle. What happens when you go for local fuel in emergency? It may not be a concern I guess?

P: No sir cannot take risk as I love my car and do you know sir I maintain it well always.

B: Are you tired? Or can go to prepare report?

P: I will do that right now and apologies for delay and will take care in future for non-recurrence

B: No worries. I told client that report will be sent by cob.

P: Thank you sir and I will take care of it.

P moves to his cabin to work

Boss goes to see P after an hour to see the progress. P is not found there and called on his cell.

B: Where are you?

P: I am working on report and will send it shortly sir.

B: I am near your cabin and came to see the progress.

P: 2 minutes I will be there sir

B: Ok, come

P came hurriedly and unlocked his screen and started showing the files

B: do you smoke? Its smelling bad

P: Sorry sir I forgot to take freshener (picks one from bag and chews it, making boss comfortable)

B: Do you smoke?

P: (feels uncomfortable with the questions and tells in eating words) not really but smoke sometimes

B: how often?

P: now I am in control and just one packet a day and previously I was taking 2 or 3 a day. Now I am in full control sir.

B: (Laughs and humorously said) 1 packet a day and you are in control – good

P: For many years I am addicted and could not quit and from new year onwards I will take oath to quit forever.

B: Just now it passed and so you set next year as deadline to quit – practical goal (laughs)

B: Btw, why you want to quit? I never asked you to do so? Never asked explanations also

P: But I wanted to confess that Smoking is injurious to health. I know and I must take hard decision to quit.

B: Good, you know that its injurious to health, taking it for many years and want to continue in this year and may stop next year – right?

P: numbs – yes that what I think now

B: lets go out for a walk come – both goes in to lobby and settles there for quick chat

Part II: Boss and Ponti in lobby for a chat

B: Oh young man come sit. Interesting facts you are telling about your smoking journey – continue.

When you started this ? and any one to be remembered or make scapegoat for your smoking?

P: It all happened in college as fantasy and none is responsible but myself for this addiction. Smoking is considered heroism and fell in that trap.

B: Ok I like your confession. Tell me why smoking is injurious to health?

P: They contain all poisonous elements/chemicals that choke heart, damage mouth, damage health, contaminate blood, causes hyper tension, kills appetite and really smoking is not good sir.

B: Am I bothering you too much by asking about your habit?

P: No not at all – My friends tell jokingly to quit and that do not touch my heart, My wife and kids tell with pain and that do not reach my heart, some people scold me – that irritates me but not touch my heart. You are my well wisher and your warm affection towards me made me to take life time decision to quit.

B: May be impulse but good Ponti if you rally quit bad habit – Life is simple and do not complicate further by inviting troubles.

P: ok sir.

B: Just an hour back you said that you love your car so you go for quality petrol for its long life – right?

P: yes sir

B: If you use adulterated and cheap fuel it will damage even if you go for it once – right?

P: right

B: But you abuse your body with all poisonous tar, chemicals, smoke right? – you value your car so much than your body?

P: sorry sir but that is a fact I ignored.

B: don’t say sir we are not in office but in casual conversation.

P: Ok boss

B: Remember that if your car is damaged you can get another one. But if you spoil your body/health you can’t get one and infact you will not have one to drive your loving car.

P: Agree – you are absolutely correct

B: You may be knowing – just asking – Can you tell benefits of quitting

P: Lot of benefits and

  • First one being, in-suppressible urge to get cigar to smoke will go away that’s major hurdle for my life.
  • Second, I save money – around Rs. 150 a day ($2.5 /day) that is something really important to me and in a month I can save more than 5000/pm
  • Third – not abusing my body, there keep fit, good health
  • And so on – no hate from family, no hate from passive smokers.  No costly visits to hospital to treat irreversible diseases affecting my body

B: Great Ponti – A smoker knows the -ves of it and still goes on to have it. Wonderful.

Part III – Ponti pledges to Quit smoking

B: So you care for your wife and kids and overall family?

P: yes I love my family

B: Do your family like you smoking?

P: No

B: Reciprocate love by quitting that makes them love you more – try it

P: Sure boss, I will take pledge now to quit smoking and make my family feel good.

B: Don’t you feel good first?

P: Of course I will be happier to live without smoking. Want to see that day soon.

B: So do it for yourself and take care of your health that is bonus for your family.

B: Listen! Smoking is injurious to health and do not find excuses to continue, but firmly stop it immediately. Do meditation, gain will power and lead happy life.

I would like to tell you more about smoking which you may be aware of

  • Tobacco contains tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine which is dangerous
  • effects nervous system
  • increases blood pressure (hypertension)
  • bad breath
  • coughing, bronchitis,
  • staining teeth, tooth decay
  • lower fertility rate, impotence
  • Passive smoking is also silent killer for non-smokers as well.

Globally 7 million loose their lives due to smoking and there are many organizations to help you quit smoking.

People spend life time earnings to treat their self caused diseases. Spend money wisely and not to abuse body. If you have extra there are many who needs it – go and make them happy and bring cheers in their lives. Make smoke free society around you and when every smoker pledges the whole world will become ideal society – free of aberrations.

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