Fire in sahopping mall, Russia, US President

Fire in Shopping mall in Kemerovo city, Russia killed 64. Kemerovo is around 3000km from Moscow east.

All due to security violations, fire broke in 4th floor of the mall which is with peak occupancy.

Mall is of 23,000 sq meters and opened in 2013 with multi shipping outlets and cimena hall.

Us President and affairs

US and the world is looking at news on Trump’s pre-president time affairs causing him to swim over troubled waters.

Anywhere in the world moral, ethical and legality, overall integrity is important. A person of valued is respected everywhere and when something is making a news means its objectionable somehow otherwise why create sensational news.

Be careful in doing anything – traces remain always with digital world and references can elevate or pull down.

Bad deeds may be not harming anyone but harming values of one’s self can trouble anytime down the line and may become un-erasable and trouble.

Good deeds will get good vibrations and hope and laurels.

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