Floods in US, Missouri State head isaccused of blackmailing

South California mudslides, and heavy rains continue – 17 killed so far.

We have to obey nature’s natural laws and no one is above law of nature. Man made actions on nature is taking revenge on us with unpredictable environment changes. Lowest temperatures are recorded, highest volume of ice getting melted, habitation across sea shore are at the threat of raising sea levels, Hottest places are getting more hotter – green vegetation cover is coming down, Concrete cover and  urbanization is on the beat. Environment is polluted with co2 and co and fresh breath of Oxygen is levels are

Chennai or California – Rains do disrupt normal life and need evacuations, loss of property and precious lives.

What ever we are – we have to bow before the nature and Supreme Being to live with morals, ethics and legality for one self and universe


Missouri governor Eric Greitiens – agreed on extramarital affair with a women but denied blackmailing her with nude photoes.

Women said she was blindfolded with tied hands and assaulted her. Gov however apologized her denied allegations on blackmailing her.

Values: 1. Extramarital affair is objected anywhere in the world. Keep away from immoral activities, work towards legitimate relations and try to settle any disputes to lead happy life 2. Women, infact everyone will be concerned if defaming private photoes/nude photoes are made public.

Privacy conerns everyone then why one exposes and do actions that are supposed to be within four walls.

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