God is not in places, not in waters, not in plants but God is within you.

Its all white circle where everyone is filled with pure minds.

Black spots are the ailments / troubles in our society.

At the beginning of our civilization we don’t have any morals, ethics and legal system. We are comparable with animal world.

Of course, we are comparable with animal world, but faculty of speaking differentiated us form animals.

They do have love for their clan, feelings, unity.

In animal world – they form societies move in groups, clusters, organize their welfare, do parenting, hunt/gather food on need, build nest/dwelling place on need. Week yields or escapes from mighty.

With our knowledge we created/ modified our environment to suit out comforts – fell forests for farming and building residences, invented wheel, fire to industrialize and pollute environment to make progress.

We are progressing no doubt but that should not overtake us.

Intelligent, spiritual mighties among us brought religion, morals, ethics, legal system to guide our living with harmony

Just know that humanity is above all isms and faiths – respect humanity, protect values and live peacefully

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