God is now where but in you and around you.

God is now where but in you and around you.

Belief is becoming more than personal but social choice. Environment influences everyone about their belief and dos & don’ts of they supposed to follow.

Like freedom of speech and others, on becoming adult, one should be made to understand all beliefs, allow them to rethink and make choice about their belief to follow.

Humanity must be above all beliefs, faiths, cultures and traditions. We all carry same body and soul. The mind is tuned as we enter this world to adhere to specific faith.

We are all creatures of god and same blood, same feelings flows in all of us. All faiths teach harmony, love and peace.

We have no control on natural disasters – be it earth quake, floods, tsunamis, sea level raising, ice melting, ozone layer depletion, epidemics, virus spreads, population control, urbanization, industrialization or others which affect our lives, threaten our lives.

We are in the grip of Man-made disasters like – terrorism, accidents, adulteration, pollution, degradation of values, weak social ties, alcohol, smoking, drugs, hate, intolerance – which again affect our lives, threaten our lives.

The root cause of all the disasters is due to below aberrations:

  • Greed, jealousy, ignorance and intolerance

Take any incident and the root cause analysis drills down to these aberrations.

Be it terrorist attack, robbery or poverty or rapes or molestations or accidents – they are all due to above aberrations.

Poverty is failure of economy where the treasury resources are misused by influential persons and block the flow of benefits to reach the desired or eligible. System robs poor people’s efforts with greed and the same greed continues for the next generations.

Administration must teach administrators to rule with values and not with greed and nepotism.

Fairness in any aspect like while disbursing funds, loans, benefits, offers, welfare must be mandatory else the greed will nourish and values will perish. The rich poor divide increase.

All are born equals and none is less capable than anyone else on the earth. Everyone faces challenges and everyone is differently abled – that doesnot mean who knows the tricks of the trade can loot the differently abled persons. Give others an opportunity to learn and earn to catch their fish and no need to give $$$.

Aham Brahmasmi – Tatvam asi

Sarve Janaah Sukhino Bhavantu

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