Health always does not come with PILL but WILL

Never prefer a pill to practice natural remedy.

Is your body that cheap to experiment and dump with all intakes?

Body is holy temple and do not dump with all junks

Health always does not come with PILL but WILL

General observation is that:

  • Got cold – have pill
  • Got cough have syrup
  • Got indigestion – take pill or gel
  • Body pains take pill,
  • No sleep – take pill
  • Got small bruise – must visit doc and take antibiotics

All this really may not be necessary

There are natural remedies for most of the small health problems.

If taken care small will subside for ever – else will grow and create big problems.

Life style must not bring new problems and degrade your health.

Buying ill-health is funny.

Had excess food? Had wrong food? Had stomack upset give a try with Ajwain.

  • Ajwain is great remedy for indigestion.

Add few km of walk, jug run if possible to naturally digest food and burn calories.

Got cold, cough and sneezing nose

  • Avoid cold drinks including cold water. Stay warm, wear cloths for protection from cold.
  • Regular fitness regime will keep cold, cough away.


  • Supplement for anything and everything?
  • When proper diet is maintained – all nutrients are supplemented
  • Unless age related problems, following natural sources of each supplement will give good healing and absorb better.
  • D3 from sunshine
  • Calcium from milk related products
  • Hb from fruits and pulses

And internet is great master tutor for anything you want to know and solution is few clicks away.

Try natural remediation before visiting doctor – hope this can enlighten the facts about your life and change your life forever.


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