Trimbakeshwar – Festivals


Festivals at Trimbakeshwar

  • Sinhastha Kumbha Mela – Once in twelve years when Bruhaspati or Jupiter is in Sinha Rashi (zodiac sign Leo)
  • Godavari day – In the month of Magha (Feb – Mar) – the first twelve days of bright moon.
  • Nivrutti Natha festival – three days in Pausha (Jan)
  • Mahashivaratri – on the 13th day of Krishna paksha of the month Magha (Feb – Mar).
  • Rathayatra of Trimbakeshwar – On the full moon day of the month Kartika , called Tripuri Paurnima (Nov).

Chaitra:  Gudhi Padva, i.e. first day of Chaitra month, special worship at 5 am. There is procession of the deity in the evening. Gudhees (colorful flags) are hoisted. Clergyman of the village reads the almanac.

Vaishakh:  On the occasion of Akshay Trutiya, i.e. third day of the month Vaishakh, Hursh Mahal in the temple premises is opened.

Shravan : Nagpanchami and Narali poonam (full moon day) the deity is specially ornamented. On no moon day i.e. festival of Pola, procession of the oxen is carried out.

Bhadrapad: Ganesh festival is celebrated.

Ashwin: On the 8th day of the month of Ashwin, the goddesses Bhuvaneshwari, Kolambika, Nilambika etc are offered saari-choli (special garments). On Dussera festival-Vijaya dashami arms and other deities are worshipped. Special ritual of Trimbakeshwar at 5 am. During Diwali festival, on the day of Narakchaturthi special ritual at 5am, Laxmipoojan is performed in the evening on the Diwali day.

Kartik: On the day of Padva, Golden mask is place on the Shiva ling in the temple. For three days in the month of Kartik,on 13th, 14th and full moon day there is keertan (sermon) in the temple. The procession of Trimbakraja in a chariot is taken. There is pooja on Kushavarta Tirth. After the chariot of Trimbakraja returns to the temple, at 7.30 in the evening Deepmal in front of the temple is worshiped and lamps on it are lit.

Magh: Vasant panchami, 5th day of Magh month, deity is specially ornamented. On Mahashivaratri, procession of Palanquin of Trimbakraja is taken through the village. And at night there is keertan from 10pm – 12 midnight.

Falgun: On Holipoonam, full moon day in the month of Falgun, Holikapoojan is done. On the second day, Dhoolivandan, deity is specially ornamented and on 5ht day i.e. Rangpanchami, colors are spread over the deity.

On every Monday palanquin procession of Trimbakeshwar is taken to Kushavarta Tirtha and pooja performed there.


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