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Our prayers always go with offerings (Naivedyam) of all kinds of cooked food items and fruits etc. to god. We belief that everything we have is blessed by God and Naivedyam is offered to remember God for all his blessings. Naivedyam is called Prasadam and is believed to have God’s blessings and is distributed to all Bhakts (Devotees).


We offer Pooja at below historical temples by Vedic Purohits and Vedic Pandits. This service is nominally charged.

  • Ganesha, Vinayaka
  • Lakshmi Venkateswara (Lakshmi Nayaraya), Srinivasa
  • Shiva Lingam
  • Krishna, Venugopala swamy
  • Anjaneya, Hanuman,
  • Adi shakti, Durga/Parvati, Lakshmi devi, Ashta Lakshmi
  • Sai Baba
  • Shaktipeetham

After Pooja is performed, Prasadam will be sent on request at nominal courier charges.

  • Astotharam OR Abhishekam 50/
  • Dakshina   11/-
  • Prasadam 100/- (Turmeric, Kumkum, God’s photo, temple specific non-perishable Prasadam, )
  • Courier charges  75/-
  • Service charges 11/-
  • Total – 247/-
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