Ivanka Trump in S Korea, Pakistan on watch list, Space-X, Robots +

Maldives:  cautions India, not to interfere in its political crisis after its extension of 30 days state emergency


  • United States puts Pakistan again on a terror sponsoring nation’s watch list inspite of Pakistan’s attempt to avoid being in watch list (grey list).
  • Pakistan, a hub to many terrorists is warned to cut links with Islamist groups. It has been asked to do more to fight against terrorism.


  • New H1-B Visa policy sanctions again to hit majority of Indians who are working at third party work locations. Visa petitioners may need to submit fresh documentation.

North Korea:

  • Ivanka Trump (Senior White House adviser and daughter of US President Donald Trump) meets South Korean president Moon Jae-in I Seoul on 23rd Feb 2018.
  • Both America and South Korea held talks, and planning tougher sanctions on North Korea to pressurize for disarming nuclear weapons.
  • Trump will also attend the closing ceremony of Winter Olympics 2018 on Sunday (25 Feb 2018)

Winter Olympics:

  • Russian skater Alina Zagitova (15 yrs) has become the second youngest Olympic gold medalist in the women’s single event after American Tara Lipinski in 1998.
  • A Canadian Skiing champion Kelsey Serwa, 28, clinched gold in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


Odisha: Archeological excavations discovered prehistoric tools used by humans for hunting and gathering

Science Technology:

  • Space-X launched new satellites to provide World wide broadband/high-speed internet connection by 2024
  • The Starlink project was announced by SpaceX in January 2015, just as Google and Fidelity invested US$1 billion into Musk’s private space company. It proposes to launch a very large number (as many as 12,000) of small communications satellites in low Earth orbit. These satellites would operate in concert within the microwave band of the electromagnetic spectrum to provide low-latency, broadband internet anywhere in the world.
  • Source: https://newatlas.com/spacex-starlink-internet-fairing-recovery/53540/

Robots high level of intelligence may be able to replace humans, a big threat to our world. Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping humans to take better decisions and low end jobs may be at risk as robots can handle regular support queries.

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