Kadiri – Sree Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy (Lord Vishnu) with his consort goddess Lakhsmi kadiri-lakshminarasimha templeContact us

Sreemath Khadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Vari Devasthanam,

Asst.Commissioner & Ex. Officer,

Kadiri, Ananthapuram District,

Andhra Pradesh, India., Postal Pin Code: 515591.

Office:08494 – 221066, 221366

Enquiry:08494 – 223218

Email: endow-eokadiri-ap@gov.in, ac_eo_kadiri@yahoo.co.in

Web: www.apendowments.gov.in/kadirikadiri-Lakshmi-Narasimha-Swamy-lord-vishnu

How To Reach

  • 40km from Puttaprthi
  • 90 km from Anantapur District
  • 200km from Tirupathi
  • 150km from YSR Kadapa
  • 200km from Kurnool.
  • 180km from Bangalore

Rail: Major Railway Station Kadiri. (Guntakal Junction to Tirupathi Via Anantapur)

Airport: Nearest Airports are Puttaparthi (40Kms), Bangalore Airport (130Kms)



5.30 AM to 6.00 AM Nivedhana

6.00 AM to 7.30 AM Dharshanam

7.30 AM to 9.30 AM Abhishekam

9.30 AM to 12.30 PM Dharshanam

12.30PM to 1.00 PM Nivedhana and Temple Closing


4.30 PM to 6.30 PM Dharshanam

6.30 PM To 7 PM Nivedhana

7.00 PM To 8.30 PM Dharshanam

8.30 PM 8.45 PM Ekhanthaseva and Temple Closing.



S.No Particulars Cost No.of Persons Allowed Remarks / Time
1 Kalyanosthavam Rs.4000.00 10 No’s Monday to Friday (11 AM to 2 PM
2 Swarnakavacham Rs.1000.00 4 No’s Daily (7.30 AM to 9.30 AM
3 Special Abhishekam Rs.750.00 2 No’s Every Month Swathi Nakshatram  (7.30 AM to 9.30 AM)
4 Abhishekam Rs.300.00 2 No’s Daily (7.30 AM to 9.30 AM)
5 Archana Rs.10.00    
6 Coconut Harathi Rs.10.00    
7 Keshakandana Rs.10.00    
8 Spl Entrance Rs.25.00    
9 Uyyalausthavam Rs.250.00   Evening  (7PM to 8PM
10 Silver Chorit Rs.250.00   Evening  (7PM to 8PM
11 Four Wheel Vehicle Pooja Rs.100.00    
12 Two Wheel Vehicle Pooja Rs.50.00    
13 Nivedhana Kattadi Rs.20.00    
14 Chevikuttlu Rs.20.00    
15 Namakaranamu Rs.120.00    
16 Marriage Fee (Temple) Rs.500.00    
17 Marriage Fee (Sivalayam) Rs.300.00    

Saswitha Sevas:- (10 Years)

1). Nithya Annadanam Scheme :- Rs.5016/-

2). Abhishekam :- Rs.2116/-

3). Astothram Pooja :- Rs.1116/-

4). Prasada Viniyogam :- Rs.1016/-


 Sl.No. Particulars Weight Rate
1). Laddu 80grms 10.00
2). Abhishekam Laddu 300grms 50.00
3). Pulihora 150grms 5.00

Online Accomodation


Many cottages available at nominal rates

Major Festivals

Brahmostavams for a period of 15 days is the major annual festival. The Brahmostavams will commences from Paluguna sudha Navami and be continued for 15 days. During Brahmosthavams Uthsavamurthulu of Vasnathavallabha with Sridevi Bhoodevi are decorate specially and taken for procession on various Vahanams in the mada streets of the Kadiri Town as detailed below.

Sl.No. Telugu Month Thidhi / Star Date Name of the Alankara Vahanam Remarks
1 Palugunam Navami 17.03.2016 Ankurarpanamu Night 8 PM
2 Palugunam Dashami 18.03.2016 Kalayanosthavam Night 8 PM
3 Palugunam Ekadasi 19.03.2016 Hamasavahanamu Thiruveedula Usthavam at 8 PM
4 Palugunam Dwadasi 20.03.2016 Simha Vahanamu Thiruveedula Usthavam at 8 PM
5 Palugunam Thrayodasi 21.03.2016 Hanumantha Vahanamu Thiruveedula Usthavam at 8 PM
6 Palugunam Chatrudasi 22.03.2016 Bramhagaruda Seva Thiruveedula Usthavam at 9 PM
7 Palugunam Pournami 23.03.2016 Sesha Vahanamu Thiruveedula Usthavam at 8 PM
8 Palugunam Padyami 24.03.2016 Surya, Chandra  Vahanamu Thiruveedula Usthavam at 8 PM
9 Palugunam Vidiya 25.03.2016 Mohini Usthavam Thiruveedula Usthavam at 9 PM
10 Palugunam Thadiya 26.03.2016 Praja Garuda Seva Thiruveedula Usthavam at 8 PM
11 Palugunam Chavathi 27.03.2016 Gaja Vahanamu Thiruveedula Usthavam at 8 PM
12 Palugunam Panchami 28.03.2016 Bramarathosthovam Morning 7.30 AM
13 Palugunam Shasti 29.03.2016 Aswavahanamu Thiruveedula Usthavam at 10 PM
14 Palugunam Sapthami 30.03.2016 Thirthavadhi (Chakra snanam in Pushkarin) Morning 11 AM
15 Palugunam Asthami 31.03.2016 Pushpayagosthavam Night 8.30 PM


Temple Calendar

Sl.No. Telugu Month Thidhi/Star Date Festival Remarks
1 Ashadam Sudda Padyami 17.07.2015 Dakshinayana Punyakalam. Asthanam in temple premises (Time 3.28 PM)
2 Sravanam Sudda Vidiya 16.08.2015 Andal Tirunakshtram Asthanam (Time- 10.30 AM) ; Tiruveedhula Usthavam (Time- 5.30 PM)
3 Sravanam Rohini Nakshtram 05.09.2015 Sri Krishna Jayanthi Abhishekam and Asthana Pooja (Morning- 9.30 AM to 11 AM & 6.30 PM)
4 Sravanam Navami 06.09.2015 Utlosthavam Asthanam & Tiruveedhula Usthavam (7.30 PM & 10 PM)
5 Bhadrapadam Chavathi 17.09.2015 Vinayaka Chavathi Asthanam and Abhishekam  Pooja (Time 9.30 AM)
6 Aswayujam Sudda Padyami to Navami 13.10.2015 to 22.10.2015 Sarannavarathrulu Daily Special Alankarams at 7.00PM to 10.30 PM 1.Masthaya, 2.Kurma.3 .Narasimha, 4 .Rama, 5 .Krishna 6 .Mohini 7 .Saraswathi 8 .Venkateswara
7 Aswayujam Dashami 22.10.2015 Vijaya Dasami, Semi Puja, 3.00 PM And Thiruveedhula Usthavam 5.30 PM
8 Kartikam Sudda Dwadasi 23.11.2015 Brundavanosthavam Asthana Pooja, Uyyalausthavam (7.30 PM)
9 Karthikam Purnima 25.11.2015 Krutika Deepotsavam, Jwala Toranam Jwala Toranam, Uyyalausthavam at 7.30 PM
10 Margasiram   17.12.2015  to 13.01.2016 Dhanusankramanam to Makara Sankramanam Dhanurumasa Abhishakam  Pooja Starts at 4.30 AM
11 Margasiram Ekadasi 21.12.2015 Vyakunta Ekadasi Uttara Dwara Darshanam (3.30 AM) and Thiruveedhula Usthavam 4.00 PM
12 Pushyam Panchami 14.01.2016 Bhogi  
13 Pushyam Shrasti 15.01.2016 Sankaranthi  
14 Pushyam Sapthami 16.01.2016 Kanuma Panduga Paruveta Usthavam Giri Pradakshina at Kondala Narasimah Swamy vari Devasthanam, (10AM) Gramotsavam (2.30 PM)
15 Magham Sudda Sapthami 14.02.2016 Rathasapthami Swamy vari Surya Prabha Vahanamu Thiruveedhula Usthavam (start 6 AM)
16 Magham Sudda Navami 16.02.2016 Madhavanavami Swamy vari Hanumantha Vahanamu Thiruveedhula Usthavam (start 5 PM)

Food: Many hotels nearby the temple and can get almost all south Indian basic dishes. Try Ragi Muddha or Sangati, which is famous and traditional food in Kadiri.

Near By Temples

– Sri Kondala Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, 2kms

– Sri Yogivemana Temple 8Kms

– Thimmammamarrimanu (Gunnies Book Record): 25kms

– Palapati Anjaneya Swamy Temple 10kms


The Temple of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is one among the many renowned shrines in the Rayala Seema are ranking the importance with the great shrine of Sri Venkateswara Swamy, at Tirupati. The local hill called stotradri is the place where the devas worshipped the Lord after He destroyed the demon Hinranyakasipu in the Durgam in Godduvelagala village which is situated nearby to this town Kadiri.
Some derivative meaning are atrtributed to the word Khadri denoting the place with a hill representing the feet of Vishnu.  Another version is that the town has been named after the Khadri tree (Acacia catchedu) under which the idol of the local temple of Narasiha Swamy is found.  The place of kadri and its surroundings are connected with several pouranic legends.  It is said that the sage Vedavyasa without being known to asuras imparted lessons to his disciples and so the place is called Kedaranyam.   The tradition is that the present town was formerly a jungle under the poligar of Patnam and that the town is coeva, with the temple which was named after the tree under which the idol was found in an ant hill.  The jungle was cleared by the poligar and the temple built on the site. It is also said to be that the Mulavarlu in this temple was in wood like  Puri Jagannadh in Orissa state and was housed on the branch of Chandra Tree. It is also said to be that the mulavarlu is Swayabhu.

The image of Sri Narasimha swamy is in human form with Lion’s Head, covered with silver armour decorated with silver shoulder blades, moustaches and eyes and is in the posture of bearing the stomach of Hiranyakasipu.    The procession image of the deity is in the form of Vishnu made of metal with Bhudevi and Sridevi on either side.Actually the kings from the Paschima Chalakya Dynasty housed Durgadevi under an amazing stone curved pillar mandapam and Lakshmi Devi Vigraham was also housed in the temple in 1953. As per the orders of the Lord Narasimha Swamy varu the Lord  Idol was housed and mandapams equal to Ammavari temple are constructed in excellent curving on stones to southern side to ammavari Temple was constructed by  the Vijaya Nagara Rulers.

As per the mythology  that the uthsava murthies were handed down to Bhrigu Rishi by the Lord himself in a petika or box for his daily worship.  The Lord is further worshipped in the names of Vasantha Vallabhudu or Vasantha Madhavulu as the pratista was done in the Spring season.  The river Maddileru, othere wise called as the Arjuna River, (where Arjun did penace) has its pounranic fame as being the river on the banks of which Arjuna did penace.  The course of the river is through 6 theerthams  called respectively:1.Swetapushkarini 2. Bhrugu Theertham 3.Sesha Theertham, 4. Kunti Theertham 5. Laxmin Theertham,6.Ganga Theertham 7. Garuda Theertham and 8. Bhavanasi Theertham.

The temple is enclosed in a 500 ft square high walled compound with 4 entrances having a gopuram at each entrance constructed.  The stone sculpture  in Yagnamantapam conspicuously abound in lions.  The temple is facing east and the Kalyanamandapam in  its front to the left Yagasala a  pakasala, astana mandapam  to the north where the utsava vigraha of the lord is made to sit during the festival are the important structures within the compound.  A 80 ft square pushkarini is in the north east corner within the temple compound.  To the south of the temple there is the shrine of Chinnamma with her image in stone.

The inscriptions in the temple relate mostly to the Vijayanagar period and are all in Telugu, except two.  One of them on the south wall of the arthamantapuram, states that the temple was built by a Nayaka during the reign of Bukka I saka 1274 (1332 A.D.).  Another inscription near it, dated the next year records the gift of a jewel to the idol by Gopanna  an officer under Kempanna Odeyar, the restorer of the Srirangam temple and the contemporary of Vedanta Desikar.  A stone slab is said to contain an inscription regarding this custom which still prevails.      Yet another inscription shown that in the Salivahana Saka 1451, 1529 A.D. the palegar  of Tadipatri constructed the Vasanta mandapam adjacent to the prakaram (now called the thousand pillar mandapam in which feeding is conducted  along with breath taking Kotai Mandapam.  Further proof of antiquity of the temple, its great ness and importance and the sancity attached to it, are vividly described in the Khadri Sthalapuranam in Brahmanda Puranam.    The temple car which is considered to be the biggest in Weight in South India contain numerous indecent carvings and the Car streets contain several small mantapams on four tall pillars in which the idol is set down and worshipped during festivals.

The famous East, South, North, West Rajagopurams of this temple were constructed by Vijayanagara Emperors, Chinnamma a devotee, not known, Kokanti Poligar  respectively.  The gate way at West Rajagopuram, leads to a tank which supplies water to the temple from which principal metal idols of the temple were recovered by the Sage Brigu. The popular king of Vijaya Nagara Sri Krishna Devaraya and Maharastra King Shivaji Maharaj visited this famous temple and  constructed sub temples and Mahishasuramardini Temple respectively.

Visit Kadiri and seek blessings of Sri Lakshminarayana swamy


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