Krishna Pushkaram (12 Aug – 23 Aug 2016)

Krishna Pushkaram for river Krishna is observed for a period of 12 days from the time of entry of Jupiter into Virgo (Kanya rasi) once in 12 years.krishnapushkaram 2016 holy dip in river krishna

Next Krishna Pushkaram – 2028

  • The festival is observed throughout the 12 months that the planet remains in that sign, but the first 12 days are considered most sacred as per the beliefs.
  • Devotees take holy dip and offer Anjali (Namskaram), Arghyam (water), Haldi (Turmeric), Kumkum, Tamboolam, Coins, New Cloths, Light Lamp and give Aarti.krishnapushkaram 2016-vijayawada
  • All rivers are considered holy and they are life lines of Indian agriculture.
  • Praying rivers will bless us with sufficient water, rains and abundant food supplies.
  • Temples are built on river banks and during Pushkaram devotees visit these temples and offer prayers, poojas.
  • Pinda pradanam is done for departed souls for attainment of moksha to them.

Major Ghats:krishnapushkaram 2016

  • Vijayawada: Padmavathi Ghat, Krishnaveni Ghat, Durga Ghat, Sithanagaram Ghat, Punnami Ghat, Bhavani Ghat, Pavitra Sangamam (Ferry) Ghat
  • Kurnool: Patala Ganga Ghat (Srisailam), Sangameswaram River Ghat
  • Gadwal, Mahaboob Nagar Juraala, Beechupally.
  • Karnataka: Chikodi (Bagalkot), Raichur (Krishna Taluk)

Word of caution:

  • Water gets polluted with thousands of people taking holy dips
  • Rush and stampede during festival days can cause injuries and loss of property.
  • With the changing world scenario and eruption of new diseases, Water borne diseases, Skin allergies, diseases may get contacted for life time.
  • Avoid skin contact with anyone in bath
  • Avoid bathing/dip in crowdy places.
  • Avoid carrying valuables while going for pushkar bath.
  • Holy dip with pure minds will absolve all sins and its right time to take a vow to lead moral, ethical and legal life
  • Learn your traditions and culture and read religious scriptures.

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