Life is all not cheating and living dishonestly and grabbing as much as possible.

We are progressing and to where.

Are we living up with values.

Chaiwala when you watch the corruption happens at one or more points to cutdown cost

  • Uses normal water | have you checked what water is used?
  • Uses any milk, cheap milk – have you seen those brands anywhere else?
  • Milk power – not sure what is it made of
  • Sugar – some use sweetner/sacchrine as an alternative to sugar –
  • Ginger, Elaichi – flavors are added by some and not sure how much savings are done
  • Dilution of milk – no real take
  • While serving – you get 60 ml for 100ml, 100ml for 150ml – never full cup for what you pay.
  • Chai powder – what it is made – the strong ness may not be real tea leaf’s but flavor.

Its made with heat (agni) that’s is only pure. Heat tries to kill germs but do not detoxify toxins that are added by various ingredients.

Live one day by truth

Every citizen if resort to truth and values for an hour to start with then a day and week and go on.

  • Police perform his sincere duty
  • Doctors genuinely treat patients
  • Hospitals engage in true service
  • Farmers use legal methods of cultivation and ripening

A politician, a rich person expects:

  • Servants/employees/drivers to be honest
  • People travel with discipline on the road
  • Paper boy delivers paper ontime
  • Milk man deliver pure quality milk
  • Vegetable vendor supply best farm fresh unadulterated, healthy ones.
  • Uninterrupted water, power supply
  • Pure air
  • Controlled environment
  • Spacious accommodation
  • Best education for his children
  • Family safety


Is it not a dream of every citizen to get these life style?

Can he get all these by following truth

I wish one day

  • All buses, trains, flights run by time
  • All people speak truth

Children learn to speak truth its weapon and integrity weapon

Do anything morally, ethically and legally

Your parents, friends may not like you speaking truth

  • The reason they afraid of truth

But they will get influenced by you and your impact is on them to change

  • They will not be afraid of you anymore
  • You can feel the change and happiness you get.

If you cheat someone or gain something by falsehood that will not give peace of mind.

  • When you gain the same thing by following truth your joy knows no bounds.
  • If you don’t get something by truth ignore it that’s not end of it.
  • Start practicing self you are bond to bring change around you.

Govt. servants, Employees, Authorities

  • Follow truth, code of conduct, job ethics
  • Deliver your assigned duties by following truth what you have taken oath when joined.
  • Think of using office pen, pencil, paper for personal purpose.
  • You are paid salary/remuneration for your personal needs.
  • Govt vehicles are for govt purpose and not for personal purpose.
  • Recollect code of conduct and execute

Its cheating/ theft if office stationary, media, vehicles, status, funds are used for personal use/gains.

Yes it’s cheating, immoral, unethical and illegal.

Your employment is your livelihood, work is godly, office is temple/church/masjid/any prayer house.

When you are employed by a job or by election to a post or given power to deliver duties – you are bound by morals, ethics and legality.

Your office is your temple,

Profession is means of praying, duty is god

When you are entering prayer house to pray by your work and earn your livelihood.

You never do immoral things in a prayer house, you pray honestly right?

Then why in office?

When you are stealing something from anyone you are afraid of getting caught. If you are entitled and take that same thing you are proud and bold.

When you steal a pen from office – there may be no watcher no one questions physically – but your soul will question you of your integrity.

Life is all not cheating and living dishonestly and grabbing as much as possible.

Live by truth, live by values teach morals and influence your neighborhood that can impact as a hole towards ideal society.

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