Life is either looting or begging.

No one leaves a chance when they can loot or beg.

Vegetable vendor try to push spoiled vegetables, weigh less for the same money per unit/kg

Milk man tries to adulterate with water and chemicals

Maid tries to cheat on work. Master tries to push more work

Adulteration every where – food, service, products

Govt servant expects extra for performing his regular duty

Common man pays/bribes to cover his/her lapses

Lets all stick to values and encourage healthy society standup.

Tax payers finds ways to avoid tax and save money

Govt officials who manage tax payer’s money try to use it for personal gains, favors, entertainment. Greed –  leads to mismanagement of funds, scams and frauds.

No official should be spared who wastes tax payer’s money, enjoy luxury life – do not spend funds for the specific purpose.

Funds allocated for the welfare of poor and backward people tampered by mediators to loot their share causing end beneficiary a victim of his greed.


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