Mana gola – Vooru gola – Mind your own business

Focus on one’s business – it happens most that one gets on other’s business.

Be it home with neighbors, with co passengers in travel, strangers while moving on the road or anything that is visible.

Know your neighbor and that’s good but do not deeply involved in that.

Gossip at home on neighbors is spiced up and more than FYI… and does not contain any usefulness to one self or self growth.

There is a lot to worry about you, your family and your relations – why to take on others headaches or ride on others issues.

If everyone worries about their family welfare and extend help where really required.

Care about your spouse and show more interest in improving your relations that’s good for you and society. If you start caring about other ladies/gents – the equation is spicy but lead to anarchy and immoral unethical society.

While travel – just know the name of the fellow passenger and basic info – do not disclose your info and do not poke for more from fellow passengers.

If a crowd is found on the road just know what’s happening and move on. If the situation needs urgent help and you can extend – do it without second thought.  If the situation is funny and senseless and do not add any value to your life – better move on.

My observation is that when one’s eyes are in open state – like to watch everything – important unimportant – everything. That everything makes you clue less and mind gets blogged by unwanted things and lose focus on your purpose of life.

A student may be interested in listening songs but that cannot go with his prime task of studying. Any extra non-study activities will dilute the prime task of learning.

Multi tasking is not always fun

Focus on one screen and not multi screens.

In Multiplex you can watch one movie at time and not all at a time – right ?

But we wish to do more things and step in many boats, walk in many shoes.

We are all humans and not super humans.

Can you really walk with more than single pair of shoes at one time – No.

New pair takes over and old will be standby and discard early to distract and will be discorded surely at later time – why not now

Buy new things and get rid of old things. When new things come – old becomes standby and soon junk – Junk unnecessarily commands your attention of its presence which is not required.

When two people meets – they find enjoyment/fun in talking about others and not about each other – that’s not healthy. Memories are fine but dwell in NOW and not in past. As those people may or may not be connected with your FUTURE.

Watching TV, Surfing on Laptop, Checking social media on hand phones all at a time while managing kids, house hold works.

  • All these are different screens/tasks – multi tasking is good but control is required.
  • While watching TV – keep laptop/mobile away
  • While using laptop – keep phone away
  • While using mobile – switch off TV, laptop
  • While playing with kids keep all others away/off.
  • During lunch/dinner stop gadgets and engage in conversations with family members

Don’t make life a bisibela bath – keep focused

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