Minapa sunnu – Sunnumdalu – Minapappu/Urad dal/ black gram lentil ghee laddu traditional India sweet

Minapa sunnu – Sunnumdalu – Minapappu/Urad dal/ black gram lentil ghee laddu traditional India sweet.

Minapa sunnu – Urad dal ghee laddu traditional India sweet . Its also called as Grand maa’s favourite sweet dish. Any Andhra marriage/function cannot be without minapasunnu. Very easy to make, long shelf life and strong rich protein food for those who are young and need more energy. Its Ghee or clarified butter sweet and beware of fat intake/consumption. Eat if you can digest and gain the advantage of it along with its taste.

Ingredients for making Minapa sunnu enough to serve 4 people for 15 days (around 60 laddus by consuming 1 laddu a day.

• Minapa pappu / Urad dal / Black gram lentil (without husk) – 1 kg
• Sugar – 500gm (We are recommending less sugar but tastes excellent and if anyone want more sweet they may go for 1 kg sugar for 1 kg Urad dal.)
• Rice – 250gm (Rice is required to add taste and friendly to stomach, easy to get it floured.
• Ghee/clarified butter – 125gm (if one wish they can go for 250ml)
• Oil – 125ml (to reduce the effect of ghee fat and still provide same great taste)
• 15-20 elaichi
• Pinch of Pacha karpooram (edible camphor)

How to make Minapasunnu / Sunundalu:
• Mix Urad dal and Rice and fry in heavy base pan in low flame, till they become light brown color. Be careful to stir the contents often to avoid excess browning or burning.
• Frying may take an hour and after that cool the contents in natural or under fan.
• You can use home grinder or mixie to make urad dal + rice to slightly coarse powder. Some like smooth powder. One can utilize commercial dry grinder available in your area and tell them to grind for minapasunnu and they know how much powdery they need to make.
• No the powder/flour is ready.
• Take Sugar and grind to powder.
• Mix the urad dal flour with sugar powder in a bowl.
• Grind elaichi with two spoons of sugar and add this powder to above mix.
• Now add Pacha karpooram to the above mix.
• No relax sit in comfortable area and ready to make laddus.
• One need not make all laddus at once, the dry powder can be stored and can be utilized to make laddus any time.
• Warm ghee and oil and add slowly to the powder mix.
• Now use clean hands to mix the whole contents well. Take small quantity in hand and make laddu.
• Wet hands with ghee for smooth laddu and added flavor.
• Store at room temperature and they remain fresh for 4 weeks or more but not sure if they are allowed till such time.
Children love this sweet and all alike. Try this traditional sweet dishes and these are healthy, easy to make.


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