Mind and soul on different tracks leads to frustration

Why mom shouts on child, father gets annoyed on mom, or child gets upset on whatever told by parents, or employee talk negative on employer

The reason for all there and more is frustration, loss of hope, inability to express the reality and live in practical world.

A mom wants to do something but bounded by conditions to do something else – she shows frustration as a reaction to suppressed feelings.

Father or someone who wants to do something but forced to do something else suppresses his feelings due to conditions and shows up his frustration indirectly

Same way an employee who do not feel good about his employer cannot quit but works – remaining in suppressed feelings – works but with negative feelings – not good for individual and organization too.

A feeling is to be enjoyed or rejected.

  • Positive feelings can be carried for long as they give happiness – like spotting perfect love, getting good job,
  • Negative feelings give unhappiness and they are like a pest destroying oneself must be offloaded immediately or in shortest possible time.
    Pestering love, bad job etc.

When it showers

  • If you enjoy it – you may get wet and dance in rain.
  • If you don’t enjoy or if you have allergy then what you will do? You don’t want to get wet and get drenched – you will rush to safe place to hide from rain / get rid of showers on you – right? If you delay your action what can happen – you will get wet and have to live with that for a while till you seek shelter.


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