New year mean party, Party means food drinks friends enjoy?

New year mean party

Party means food drinks friends enjoy

Show begins by Dec31 evening and extends mignight or early hours of Jan 1st.

Excess food, excess drinks, excess shouting, excess dance excess movements, excess expectations all goes in excess only.

You dance to the beats and they are naturally what your Bollywood or Tollywod or any *wood item songs, hip shakes, girls wearing minis in public gathering and driving everyone crazy.

Items songs are just more than romantic and lustful/desirous songs

One who hit dance floor on party events are mostly singles and take this opportunity to extend relations – not really but take short stands.

New year celebration goes this way for younger generations mostly

Alchohol, food, rocking music, dance or shaking body, gambling, ditched values and all happens in the night.

Is this really a party and activity is partying? Can we see value in this kind of tradition.

Today’s younger gen is tomorrow’s responsible society.

General belief that the way you spend on Jan 1st – you will continue that way

Do you really wish it? That few thousands are very important in the life of those who attend these paid parties.

There will be hindu new year that commences form Chaitra in 2 to 3 months from now that we celebrate with tradition and culture.

There will be Milan / getotgether then also and

  • There will not be midnight rock/pop/drinks/formals – but early morning wakeups, head baths, new cloths, home made foods, special cookings, visit to temples, visit to friends, invite friends, organize functions, melas
  • This is our culture and tradition

The English newyear is of course we follow but for all our religion protocols like brith ceremonies, marriage ceremonies and even to do something we look at hindu calendar/tithi, star, varjyam, muhurtham which is our culture.

Follow english new year and party in your tradition

Parties should keep up

  • Social connect, meet friends, relations
  • Uphold traditions
  • Taste of traditional cuisine
  • Wear traditional wear
  • Values
  • Ethics
  • Morals

We need our families bonds, ties, traditions we want to marry and look for traditional spouses.

One thing I wish to tell you

  • New year first is most important day and spend it wisely with happiness
  • Get more sunshine in your life
  • Detoxify your body and thoughts
  • If you are ambitious – plan/work towards your ambition
  • If you are achieved person – you may consider to giveback to society for it welfare – this derives more satisfaction if one checks
  • If you are rich but not yet achieved person – plan to earn achievements by moral and ethical means.

Best wishes for healthy and prosperous new year 2018

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