Nuclear war triggers and its dangers

Nuclear war triggers and its dangers

N Korea leader Kim: I am ready to respond to US aggression anytime with nuclear, bio war.

US keeps on warning N Korea of the dire consequences if haste decision is taken in launch of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear war:

  • The truth is that some nations have it
  • The power is tremendous to destroy/impact society
  • There are arguments on and anything can trigger the nuclear war and that could be hazardous and not sure how our society’s survival will end in.
  • Seas, rivers, land, environment, crops, what not anything and everything can be contaminated and toxicity will be everywhere.
  • How to pacify the leaders who are possessing the technology to utilize for peace and not for war
  • How can you escape form the danger – not possible until the attack boundaries are known and as it can persist for years, decades or even more

Richard Cousins (58): CEO of UK based CMPGF died in seaplane crash along with 4 members of his family on new years eve in Sydney,Australia.

CMPGF (International catering firm Compass Group) is fortune 500 company with $31 billions turnover, operating in 50+ countries with half a million employees.

Middle East – IRAN: Anti govt protests despite appeal to calm down by President Hassan Rouhani. Protest is against corruption and economy.

India – Tailavar  Rajni Kanth (67 years) – Actor in South India who acted in 150+ movies and mainly based in Tamilnadu and active in Tamil politics announced to enter into serious politics on dec 31 2017. Race is on after AIADMK chief former CM Jayalalitha died in Dec 2016. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party (AIADMK)

From Cbsnews:

Pope bid farewell to 2017 on dec 31st 2017 and decried wars, injustices, social and environmental degradation and other man-made ills which he said spoiled the year.

Francis presided at a New Year’s Eve prayer service in St. Peter’s Basilica, a traditional occasion to say thanks in each year’s last hours.

pope said God gave to us a “whole and sound” year, but “we humans in so many ways ruined and hurt it with works of death, with lies and injustices.”


Recreational Marijuana (Cannabis) sales in CA – Permitted with new regulations and taxes by the govt, a new billion dollar industry to emerge

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