Nuclear war triggers and its dangers

N Korea leader Kim: I am ready to respond to US aggression anytime with nuclear, bio war.

US keeps on warning N Korea of the dire consequences if haste decision is taken in launch of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear war:

  • The truth is that some nations have it
  • The power is tremendous to destroy/impact society
  • There are arguments on and anything can trigger the nuclear war and that could be hazardous and not sure how our society’s survival will end in.
  • Seas, rivers, land, environment, crops, what not anything and everything can be contaminated and toxicity will be everywhere.
  • How to pacify the leaders who are possessing the technology to utilize for peace and not for war
  • How can you escape form the danger – not possible until the attack boundaries are known and as it can persist for years, decades or even more
  • Pope said God gave to us a “whole and sound” year, but “we humans in so many ways ruined and hurt it with works of death, with lies and injustices.”

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