Pakistan elections, Bihar Rapes, Indonesia earthquakes+


  • Imran Khan’s PTI bagged 115 seats of 270 seats where election is held standing as the single largest party and Imran set to become PM of Pakistan
  • To form govt 172 seats are required of 342 total seats.
  • Former PM Nawaj Sherif’s PML-N got 64 seats and former President Asif Ali Zardari’s PPP got 43 seats. Independents won 13 seats

Maharastra bus accident

  • Bus fell in 500 feet gorge killing 33 and one survived by jum;ping off the bus.
  • Illfates are the college staff went to picnic

Bihar rapes

  • Bihar state women commission rescued 29 inmates of Muzaffarpur shelter home who were drugged and raped.
  • Girls were abused, beaten threatened and exploited by gangs.
  • When will girl abuse stop. Its every corner we hear stories of sexual abuse and assaults. Values are degrading and anarchy prevailing. Women are looked by some with Kaamam / lust and that leads to temptations and attempts.
  • Strong exploiting weak, looting poor and that’s not how we should live. Lets embrace values and top guns, politicians, celebrities, businessmen must show the path of ideal society.
  • What is shown, seen on media is not acceptable many times and that’s disturbing fact causing more and more incidents.

NRC – National Registry of Citizens

  • Published with 2.9 cr name and left 40 lakh applications which is critical to prove Assamese identity. As as step towards identifying immigrants the NRC is released and some claim the basis of NRC publishing is questionable as it left out true genuine Assamese from the list.

Yamuna river

  • Ware level at Hathinikund barraged has crossed danger mark of 90,000 cusec.

Indonesia earth quake

  • Earth quake measuring 6.4 hit Lombok island killing 13+people injured 100s and damaging island properties.

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