Pray with pure minds and not with barters. God doesn’t need money or your offerings.

Vauknta Ekadasi festival observation:
People believe that who visit temple and walk through Vaikunta dwaar (door) and have glimpse of lord Vishnu, will reach Vaikuntam after life.

– Philosophy of life and birth.
– Stop birth cycle, Soul is liberated from the cycle of birth.
– Fasting will make more dedicated to lead moral, ethical life.
– Vaishnava temples see rush on this day and 90% of the people don’t know why they are visiting this day but to seek mortal pleasures.
wishlist to seek salvation and reach Vishnu’s abode.
– We pray lord everyday almost for wordly pleasures and this day is not meat for that, but to seek salvation and correct our ways to lead life full of values.
Temples become richer with inflow of devotees and devotees really do not enjoy peaceful, satisfied glimpse/darshan with long queues,
Temple visit must give peace of mind and satisfaction of connecting to god.
Especially Vaishnava temples
– More focus on decoration
– Excess garlands
– Body is fully covered with ornaments
– Decoration sometimes is multiple size of the murti. It takes few moments to find out face.
– Murti face is covered with silver or gold coverings which do not give glimpse of original face.
– More focus on special darshans, VIP darshans
Temple administrations must give back to the devotees in simplifying the procedures and giving great darshan feeling.
Almost all big temples carry centuries of heritage and lot of financial donations behind. The regular devotee offerings are huge income source.
In any temple the facilities provided to the devotees are not matching upto its revenues.
Commercialization everywhere and even with god hurts me a lot.
Pray with pure minds and really do not check pockets when entering Sanctum Santorum of any temple (it’s that way at some places – pressured to pay/forced to offer), but focus on god and enjoy presence with god. God doesn’t need your money, your offerings, but your pure prayers.
God listens in whatever way you pray and no formalities and rituals are really required when prayed with pure hearts.
Devotees thronging temples increasing day by day, with only concept that we can wish better with the god and barter with offerings to fulfill wishes.
Dear Citizens – God is our belief and of course supreme being.
God shall offer what is destined for you and your prayers may not matter.
Always thank god for what ever you have, giving good faculty of life, power to see, talk, walk, senses and enjoy life.
Enhance moral ethical values in your life and pave the way for harmonious world.
We are all are humans first with same blood and wide range of beliefs.
A real-time narration happened in my life:
Religion A person met with an accident, helped by a religion B person to take him to hospital and attended by religion ABCX.. teams to save him. Victim needed blood and religion X person donated blood and save religion A person.
Today I am enjoying sunshine in my balcony and thought drives in!!!
What if I am tagged by a religion and everyone also tagged by religions, All religion don’t cross reach and remain isolated – what would have happened to me?
What gave me lease of life are not religions, not beliefs, but humanity and command of the supreme being.
Colors and flavors can’t define the Supreme Being we don’t know whether supreme being is he or she or something else.
Let world be at peace and filled with smiles. Sarve janaah sukhino bhavantu

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