Prayers answered and Wishes fulfilled

Be Practical and do not rely expect miracles ot happen.

People go to temple for pray and wish.

Prayers and wish list look like practical barter system

  • Students pray for success/pass exams and not for free but in exchange of coconuts, hair or visits after wish fulfillment.

People pray more than one god for standby / backup support.

Gods also may e busy and don’t attend all request and praying more than one will ensure positive hit with one or the other gods.

  • Ascetics seek salvation and offer penance suffer body, starve to achieve that.
  • Tantrics make vows, perform sacrifices for gaining powers/Shakti.
  • Unmarried girl prays for marriage
  • Childless prays for children
  • Sick prays for health
  • Poor prays to be come rich
  • Rich prays to become richer

There is none without praying in this world.

In any temple rich and poor people flock alike for seeking betterment and more betterment in life.

Poor do not have life basics and are more practical.

  • They pray other devotees who flock and they know that god will bless through human form. They also pray god as standby.
  • These poor are not really poor but appear poor with all basics in life and possess assets for leading secure life.
  • Under the disguise of poverty they seek more and more.

Rich has everything in life and pray for more money, more happiness and they don’t realize they can be happy with what they have and nothing like more happiness in this world. Additional money will take happiness away and not

Rich appear poor and has enough in their life for next tens of generations but still long for more and more.

Desire for grabs is chanted more than the gods name in holy campus in the name of prayers


Oh god

  • Give me A, give me B, give me C – Give me Z
  • I will return on fulfillment with a trip to your temple, offer coconuts, materials, eatables, hair, fasting,

God is one word and wishes uttered are 10s of words.

A Student will pass, qualify for an exam only when he studies

Honesty pays and no substitute for hardwork. Shortcuts, backing may help secure a position but retaining that position is finally based on once talent.

Visit a temple and offer prayers and do not open praying list/wish list. God is supreme administrator and knows what is best for you and will give you. God do not need any requests or favors.

Offer prayers with pure mind and prayers will be answered.

Know the morals and ethics taught by your belief and practice them for the benefit of self and society

Develop habit of giving, helping needy

Enlighten people around you with values to make them better citizens

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