Proud of hospitalization with STARS?

As I happen to be the attendant support for my mother in hospital when she is undergoing treatment for joint pains, I could not believe the psychology of people and would like to point them here.

One Political leader Gangawar’s son got injured in bike accident and its minor fracture and can go home in a day or two.

Its political effect – the son Raja is in hospital for a week and no clues on when he will go home. Of course Raja is enjoying all the comforts in hospital and no shortage of anything. The hospital became VIP visit center and the well publicized about the untruthful exaggerated story of what has not happened to gain sympathy from followers and public.

I met Raja and he is jolly and enjoying the sympathy wave as I can capture reality. Gangawar’s main aim is to en cash the event to remain in the news and gain mileage somehow.

I checked with hospital MD Kumar and told him that he must be happy on seeing crowds visiting his hospital giving VIP name and fame.  Kumar is not happy for monetary gains but political mileage. Mutually playing drama to attract more and more VIPs, VVIPs. Monetary gains for the hospital is always from common man, govt health schemes patronage and corporate employees medical insurance policy patronage.

Another Govt. officer Gopi, met with stroke and admitted for cardiac care. He is also happy to inform all kith and kin, office staff that he is hospitalized. Same show again – all subordinates flooding the hospital to exchange sympathy. Funny thing is that no one came willingly but meet formality – even most of the kith and kin’s visit was a formality show rather than really expression of real sympathy and love.

Gopi was released after few days of being inpatient and the it costed around 1 million rupees – of course to the govt./insurance companies and not from his pocket.

Now Gopi is proud to advertise that he spent a million on hospital spends to everyone. – boasting the hospital’s five star facilities and service factor.

Do any one goto a hospital lured by the star facilities?

Enjoy Five star hotel facilities and that’s healthy but not boast of hospital STARS. What goes in is saline fluids and limited food intakes. What is life if one cannot enjoy good food and life.

I was alone with my mom and stayed back to restrain from informing near and dear about her hospitalization. Its big no no for her to speak about her illness with any one.

Apart from publicity stunts by VIPs, there will be cries of casualty patients, cries from moms enduring labor pains for their new bundle of joys,

In this multi specialty hospitals and you will find all kinds of people, patients and behaviors.

Poor and rich throng the campus alike and treatment may be self funded with hard earned money or corporate funded or govt / insurance funded.

Govt schemes are really helping poor to get good treatment at no cost.

Hospitals appear sometimes commercial with long bills, and non-discounted proprietary medicines which will be available at hospital pharmacy only.  This is weird as most pharmacies are offering upto 30% discount on MRPs and these hospitals mint money on medicines as well.

Generic medicines are one way to cut down cost of medicines but who is interested to save your money?

My observation is that on every visit to hospital the medicines for permanent consumption are recommended. The list goes up on every visit and people rarely get way with drugs once initiated into medication.

There are wonderful service oriented doctors and few money minded spoil the professional reputation.

The above observations on my personal experiences sharing for the benefit of everyone.

Try natural remediation before visiting doctor which can give enlightenment for life.

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