Russia missile strength, Iran and women watching football, Venezuela: Presidential elections

Russia: Shows off new invincible missile:

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin in an annual address to the Kremlin (Russian parliament) declared that Russia has developed a new range of missiles which can foster the Kremlin’s military capability and has also increased Russia’s stance to defeat any other.
  • New missile is nuclear-capable cruise missile, an under-water drone, new hypersonic missile, and “invincible” missile with “unlimited” range that can deliver a warhead at hyper sonic speed.
  • Putin is running for re-election in March 2019 and boasting the Russian technology.
  • Putin said “Russian has the greatest potential in the world, but nobody listened to us, Listen now,”
  • New weaponry has the capacity to make US-led NATO troops completely “Useless”.

Iran: banishes women to spectate football match:

  • Iran has barred women from spectating some men’s sports especially football since 1979 Iranian Revolution.
  • FIFA’s president Gianni Infantino and Iran sports minister were also present at the stadium
  • Iran detained 35 women who had gone to Azadi stadium in an attempt to to watch the match between local rivals Tehran teams Esteqlal and Presepolis. The women were released after the event

Venezuela: Presidential elections 2018

  • The presidential elections in Venezuela which were scheduled for April 22, will be held in mid-May, announced by the CNE (National Electoral Council).
  • President Nicolas Maduro was registered to run for a second 6-year term.
  • Presidential elections in Venezuela held in December in general, but recently CNE announced to change.

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