Top 10 famous Vemana’s poems

The top 10 powerful and popular Vemana’s poems.
Vemana’s poems are filled with facts and provide practical guidance to life.


  1. Know and correct your faults before commenting on others.

Tappulennu vaaru tandopatandambu
Urvijanula kella nundu tappu |
Tappu lennu vaaru tamatappu lerugaru
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

People who finds faults with others are many
In this world no one is free from mistakes.
Who finds fault in others never know their faults/mistakes.

2. Never boast when caught in wrong place

Anuvugaani chota adhikula manaraadu
Konche mundu tella koduva gaadu |
Konda addamandu konchamai yundadaa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Never boast when caught in wrong place.
No need to feel insulted when required to keep low oneself as per environment. Even a hill is small when seen in mirror.

We should know how to live in this world. We are what we are and none can raise or lower self dignity. When in trouble or caught in wrong place – never speak of your background or boast of power. Maintain low profile to save your self from the situation. Be wise to come out of risk/danger first. A King is strong when group of soldiers surround him in his own kingdom, he is protected by his loyalists so long they are with him. When caught single by strangers/robbers, he should not talk about his pride but plead for pardon/mercy to escape danger. There is human limitation to any task, its wise to accept defeat if its beyond your capacity in a challenge than risk life.

Our power, strength, security, prosperity, relations are all illusory and relative. We should not forget supreme almighty who is above all. Know loukyam behave wisely

3. Develop strength and beauty inside that’s better than outer showoffs

Medipandu chooda melimai yundunu
Pottavippichooda purugu lundu |
Piriki vaani madini bimkamee laaguraa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Medipandu is fig which looks good from outside but when cut open it has flies inside. Lika that a coward may look strong and good from outside not until he is touched when his weakness exposed.

Medipandu is eatable fruit called Udumbra in Sanskrit, atti pandu in Kannada, goolar or anjeer (dried figs)in Hindi, fig in English.

This fruit contains unique looks good from outside and when cut fig wasps come out. That’s why this is not sold directly but after cutting/removing seeds/drying.

4. Idiot will speak with arrogance and learned person will speak calmly.

Alpudepudu palku aadambaramu gaanu
Sajjanundu palku challagaanu |
Kanchu mroginatlu Kanakambu mrogunaa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Less intelligent/Idiot will always speak with might and arrogance. Intelligent, learned man will always speak true and calmly. Brass sounds more and gold is precious and will never sound like it.

5. Without pure mind – why prayers to God/Shiva?

Aatma shuddhi leni aachara madiyela
Bhanda Shuddi leni paakamela |
Chittashuddi leni Shivapooja lelaraa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

With out pure mind and thoughts – why traditions?
When cooking pot if not clean – Why cooking ?
Without concentration – why prayers to Shiva?

6. Remember god in pain or pleasure

Iruku vachu vela Eeshwaru nenturu
Karuna ganune vatti gaasi gaaka |
Sukhamu vachuvela choodamga nollaru
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

When in troubles one remembers Shiva. How will Shiva bless one, When he is not remembered in happiness.

God must be remembered always. Be grateful to god for  all you have. Never think that you are , master of all your achievements, its god who blessed you to be so. Praying god is connect between supreme personality and us. The more you get connected the more you feel good and lead happy life.

7. A bad person will never leave his bad character.

Enta chaduvu chadivi enni nerchina gaani
Heenu davaguNambu maanaledu |
Boggu paalagaduga povunaa malinambu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Having good education, learning many things

A bad/wicked person will never leave his bad character and become good person. Charcoal will never become white when washed with milk.

  • Infact education and learning must impart great qualities and give good personality
  • But to a wicked person who learnt with ill intentions will not possess, get those great qualities and be never respectable person. Integrity is most important virtue of good man.

Morals, Ethics form the base for any personality and integrity. Character is important and one must lead life with values.

8. Keep away from bad people as they can damage integrity of highly virtuous person also.

Veru purugu cheri vrukshambu cherachunu
Cheedapurugu jeri chettu cherachu |
Kutsitundu jeri gunavanthu jerachuraa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Veeru purugu cheri pedda chettunu paaduchestundi, cheeda purugu cheri chinna chettunu naasanam chestundi. Alage – cheddavaadu manchivaadi vadda cheri vaadini kooda paadu chestadu.

Root pest gather to destroy a tree, white ants/pests gather to destroy a plant. Low character person meet virtuous person and spoil him.

9. Get acceptance of many if you want your view to be followed

Paduguraadu maata paatiai dhara jellu
Okkadaadu maata ekkadendu |
Voorakundu vaani noorella nopadu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

A saying by many people is accepted by all , If one says anything even if its true, it is not accepted anywhere
No one can do anything to a person who is silent

This world is mass following in deciding anything. If more people accept something it becomes rule and to be followed by all. There may a deficiency in that rule but if any single person points out its rejected.  A message by politicians carried by the people. If a journalist comes out with truth on the same message contrary to what politician is saying its ignored/rejected.

10. Temper, Ego and power are relative to time and need to compromise sometimes.

Chikkiyunna veLa Simhambunainanu
Bakka kukka karachi baadhapettu |
Balimileni veLa pamtambu chelladu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

A lion when weak even a weak dog will bite and make him to suffer
When not strong we should not go for challenges and bets.

A Lion may be strong but when weak it cannot kill even a dog.
When we are strong everything works fine like our temper, ego and power. When became weak – we should be wise in showing same and need to compromise.


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