Values – wear bindi/dot

Shy of wearing Bindi/dot (not sindhoor): Advice to wear it as it enhances beauty and if otherwise no objection to it – why the traditions and culture take back seat. Girls and Women are shy of wearing Bindi/Dot. In Hindus,  It happens only when a girl is bride and sometimes bindi takes place.

Be it Sravan or Aadi – girls/women wear silk sarees all without dot when saree and hindu traditional attire with lamp flowers is shown why don’t they wear dot which enhances their beauty to 1000+ times

Dot is not religion linked but sign of beauty. One can try and feel the magic of dot. Wearing Dot is not just limited to females but males also wear it after bath to reflect purity and sense of friendliness.

The advertisements, manners, shows and lavish appearances by elite in deviated costumes, cultures will send wrong signal across the young generation.

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