Vemana’s poems on Caste – Religion

Vemana is great Telugu philosopher and poet born in mid 17th c AD. Vemana’s poems are filled with facts and provide practical guidance to life.

1. All humans are one and caste system is a divider of unity

Marmameruga leka matamula galpinchi
Urvi duhkhulagudu rokarikokaru |
Gaaju inta kukka kalavalapadureeti
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Unable to know the truth/tatvam, caste system is created and all people suffer due to it. Its like a dog trapped in a glass house and worried trying to come out.

2. Good qualities are appreciated and do good for everyone around.

Kulamulona nokadu guNavantu dundenaa
Kulamu velayu vaani guNamu valana |
Velayu vanamulona malayajambunnatlu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

If one good person is present in a clan that will shine like a sandal wood tree in a forest which makes it pleasant around.

3. All clans are formed from one main clan and bear equal social status

Kulamu hechhu taggu godavalu paniledu
Saanujaatamayye sakala kulamu |
Hecchu taggu maata letlerungagavachhu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

There is no need to fight over which caste/religion is great. All division are formed for convenience from same original clan. We do not know of any thing on formation of clans and all are same and bear equal social status.


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