Vemana’s poems on God, Supreme almighty

Vemana is great Telugu philosopher and poet born in mid 17th c AD.  Vemana’s poems are filled with facts and provide practical guidance to life.

1. Know that god is everywhere, not homed in temples and not controlled by rituals.

Raati bomma kela rangaina valuvalu
Gullu gopuramulu kumbhamulunu |
Koodugudda taanu gorunaa daivambu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Why colored cloths for statues, idols. Why temples, arches, offerings? Do god ask for food, cloths and shelter?

Its our visualization that we build temples for gods, dress in silks cloths, offer best food. Is that all not for our satisfaction ? Do god ask for them? showoff not required for blessing. Pray with pure mind for blessing.

2. God is everywhere and not bound by any rituals/procedures to bless

Devapoojalandu Devaalayamulandu
Devudunta jeppi teruvujoopi |
Teliya vishwamella devaadidevude
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

People say that god is present in places where poojas/rituals are done and in temples. People do not know that God is everywhere

3. God is one and pray with pure mind

Pasula vanne veru paalekavarnamau
Pushpa jaati veru pooja yokati |
Darshanamulu veru daivambu okkati
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Animals are of different color but the milk is of white color.
Flowers are many varieties but the pooja/prayer is one |
Visit many temples and the god is one and the same.

We need to understand the philosophy on uniqueness. God is one and pray with pure mind

4. Tatvam is inner to oneself

Manasuloni mukhti mariyoka chotanu
veduka bovuvaadu verrivaadu |
Gorre chamkabetti golla vedikinatlu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Mukhti tatvam is inner to oneself, its foolish to search for it elsewhere, this is like holding sheep in arms and searching for it in village. What is around is ignored and cry for distant unseen things.

5. know that we are aatma of paramaatma

Venna chetha batti vivarambu deliyaka
Ghrutamu gorunatti yatani bhangi |
Taanu daivamayyu daivambu dalachunu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Holding butter and looking for ghee around is like being self divine and thinking of divinity elsewhere.

This is highest philosophy as we need to know what we are and we are atma of paramatma and knowing that secret will make pure and purposeful.

6. Rituals not required for Shiva’s blessings – mediation with pure mind is enough

Tapamu japamulela Dhatrijanulakella
Onara Shivuni jooda upamagaladu |
Manasu jedaraneeka madilona joodaro
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

For seeing Shiva – Tapam, japam is not required for the people. Meditate and with pure mind look inner self for Shiva

7. Pilgrimages, rituals, sacrifices will not purify mind and give salvation

Sakala teethamulanu sakala yagnambula
Talalu goriginantha phalamu galade |
Talalu bodulaina talapulu bodulaa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Doing pilgrimage to all holy places, performing yagna/sacrificial rituals, shaving head will they give any benefit?

Head will be clean but the thoughts inside will not be clean

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