Vemana’s poems on Greed (Aasha)

Vemana is great Telugu philosopher and poet born in mid 17th c AD.  Vemana’s poems are filled with facts and provide practical guidance to life.

1. Greed do not allow one to know about god

Aashacheta manujulAayuvu galanaallu
TiruguChunduru bhrama trippaleka |
MurikiBhandamandu musaru neegala bhangi
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

By greed, humans roam so long he is alive like flies in rotten pot.Greed do not make one to know about god

2. Get rid of greed and know inner-self to see god

Aashaluduga kunna paashamukthudu gaadu
Mukthudaina gaani muniyugaadu |
Muniyunaithe gaani mogambuludugavu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Once desires are lost he will be free of bindings
Once free of bindings then only he can become muni
When one becomes muni he is achieved person with no attractions.
Get rid of greed and know inner-self to see god

3. Stop greed, be contented and lead moral life

Intiloni dhanam needi naadi yanuchunu
Mantilona daachu manku jeevi |
Kondabodu venta gullakaa sainanu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

A person calls money in house as mine / yours
Stores money in underground foolishly
Person does not know that even a holed coin will not come with him.

This is philosophy of life. Greed is ruling the world, earning by all means – keeping values aside for more than what next 100 generations need. Who earns won’t enjoy but looks like earning for others. Greed makes one to tread wrong path and one should be contented with earnings by following value. Our next generation is more capable than us and we need to secure their life, they know how to do it better than you.

4. Meditate with pure mind for salvation

Aashakanna duhkha matishayambuga ledu
Choopu nilupakunna sukhamu ledu |
Manasu nilupakunna mari mukhti ledayaa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

There is no suffering than greed, happiness is in meditation. There is no salvation without concentration of mind and exploring inner self

Meditate with pure mind for salvation


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