Vemana’s poems on Philosophy -1

Vemana is great Telugu philosopher and poet born in mid 17th c AD. Vemana’s poems on Animal Sacrifice. Vemana’s poems are filled with facts and provide practical guidance to life.

1. Rather than roaming places, True devotion, bhakti are required to see god

Kaashineellu mosi kaallu mogamu vaachi
Endu sukhamuleka endi yendi |
Chacchi venuka mukhti saadhimpagalaroko
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Pople do pilgrimage to Kashi carry Ganga water to immerse in sea near Rameshwaram. By this legs and face will swell, starve to death and no benefit, no salvation in this world or another world.

True devotion, bhakti are required to see god

2.  Knowledge of supreme being is pleasure and nothing else is better than it in this world

Eruka kannanu sukha melokamuna ledu
Eruka neruga nevani keruka ledu |
Eruka saati eruka erukaye tatvambu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Knowledge of supreme being is pleasure and nothing better than it in this world. Even then no one wants to learn that knowledge. Only knowledge can match knowledge and that is philosophy.

3. Vanity of life, Avoid greed and lead virtuous life

Emi gonchu vache emi taagonipovu
PuttuveLa narudu gittuveLa |
Dhanamu lechati kegu taanegu nechatiki
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

What have you brought when you are born? and what will you take away when you die? Where will the earned money will go and when you will go?

We must know that we are not eternal and earning greedily wil not give us any happiness. Be virtuous, lead life with values and know your self

4. Avoid show-off and lead virtuous life

Odala boodi boosi jadalu dharinchina
Odayadaina mukhti badaya ledu |
Tadaka birrubetta taluputo sariyaune
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

By applying ash on body, growing long hair, even king will not get salvation and know about supreme being. Keeping a mat as door will it really protect the house?

Supreme being is reached by knowing him with deep devotion and meditating about him. Mere changing external appearance, vesha bhaashalu no one will get Bahma jnanam

5. Life is short, do good deeds and live with values.

Kannulandu madam gappi kaanaru gaani
Nirudu mundatedu ninna monnna |
Dagdulaina vaaru tamakante takkuvaa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

So many died and we don’t open eyes and acknowledge. Many who died and burnt  in yesteryears, yesterday – are they less mortals than you?

Death is destiny and no one can escape and our living is short on this earth. Do good deeds and live with values.

6. Pursuing Brahma jnanam will give salvation

KarmaguNamulanni kadabetti naduvaka
Tatvamela tanaku tagulu konunu |
Nooneleni divve nuvvula mandunaa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Keep away bad thoughts / control indriyas (senses) for divine thoughts to pour in and philosophy to occur. Light can be light by sesame oil and not by sesame seeds.

Pursuing brahma jnanam will take you to Brahma and distractions will not lead ot brahmam.

7. Study Brahma jnanam which give salvation

Chadivi Chadivi Chadivi chaavanga nelanu
Chaavuleni chaduvu chaduva valayu |
Chaduvu marmamerigi chadivina chaduvuraa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Study and study and why dying ? Study which doesn’t die
Study which gives Brahma jnanam and help overcome birth death cycle

8. Devoted person will see only goal and not distractions

Chinugu battagaadu cheenaambaram gaani
Muriki yodalu gaadu mukhtigaani |
Paramayogi mahima parikimpa naruduraa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Parama yogi, learned person, who has control over senses does not care torn cloths or silk cloths, unclean body but only cares for salvation. His power is beyond thinking of humans.

9. Know that nothing is permanent and avoid greed, live righteously and know yourself

Chettuchemagotti chuttu godalubetti
Ittunattu pedda illu gatti |
Mitti padunu narudu meedi cheterugaka
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

By cutting trees, building walls, constructs a big house and feels that is his home. He does not know how much time he will dwell in that house.

10. Use your resources like body, money and praanam for attaining salvation

Tanuvu evari sommu tanadani poshimpa
Dhanam evari sommu daachukonaga |
Pranamevari sommu paayakunda nilpa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Whose body is this you are feeding? Whose money it is that you are saving?
Whose pranam/life is this that you are protecting from dying?
Limit desires and greed. Nothing is permanent and stay focused on Brahma jnanam

11. Life is short, lead righteous life

Taamu kannavaaru, tamu gannavaarunnu
Chachhutella tamaku saakshigaade |
Bratuku tella tamaku Brahmakalpambulaa
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Whom we gave birth, who has given birth to us are dying – is this not a witness that life is short. People think always that they live for long till Brahma kalpaantam.

12. Money is not everything – Make your living by earning morally, ethically and legally

Kulamu galugu vaaru gothrambu galavaaru
Vidhyacheta virraveegu vaaru |
Pasidi galgu vaani baanisa kodukulu
Vishwadaabhiraama vinura Vemaa ||

Who are proud of their caste, their gothram, education – are slaves of those who has gold and wealthy.

Respect for wealth and wealthy people is above all – even highly educated, learned and integrity people also fall for those who has money. If one has money it is his and will not be yours – are you sure that he earned it by all values?


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