Viluppuram – Arulmigu Angalamman Thirukoil (Angala Parameswari)

Angala Parameswari (Goddess Parvati) consort of Lord Shivaangalamman-parameswari-villipuramMelmalayanur is located near Gingee, Tamil Nadu, India, 21 km from chetput (Tiruvannamalai District). It is famous for the Goddess Angalamman.

Cotnact Info:

Assistant commissioner / Executive Officer

Arulmigu Angalamman Thirukoil,

Melmalayanur, Gingee,

Viluppuram – 604204, Tamil Nadu

Phone : 04145 – 234 229, 04145 – 234 201.

E-Mail :


About the Temple

Lakhs of devotees visit here every new moon and full moon days since it is supposed to be auspicious during these days.

Mother Parvathy only created Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheswaran and Sadhasivan for creation, Maintenance, distination, hiding and blessing.

Greatness Of Temple

Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are supported to be three hands of Gods. All of sorts of energies were differentiated mainly as three types, Wish, action and Wisdom. Right Side is taken as Male and left as Female. When both sides confine together resulted in creation of Sky, Water, Fire Wind and Earth. Siva, Vishnu and Brahma were teamed with Eswari, Lakshmi and Sarswathi.

Goddess Mother Parvathi the wife of Lord Shiva took birth on her as hive. The pupose of the birth is to clear Lord Shiva from cetain sin and give blessings to all people in kaliyug. The birth took place her before the start of kaliyug. The birth place melmaliyanoor where the temple is situated. The specialty in this temple is Mother in Angala amman faces north while blessing devotees.

The Angalaparameshwari bless her devotees by staying in melmalaiyanoor.

Thirukoil Timings

Morning 5.00 AM to Night 9.00 PM

S.No Pooja Details Timing
1 Nadai Thirappu Morning 5.00 AM
2 Kala Santhi Pooja Morning 8.00 AM – 8.30 AM
3 Sayaratchai Pooja Evening 4.00 PM – 4.30 PM

Apart from it on all Full moon day , No moon day, weekly sunday’s and friday’s special Alankarams, Special poojas and Unjal Urchavam with Mela thala Vathiam are being done throughout the year

Festival Details :

S.No Pooja Details Timing
1 Chitrai Festival New Year Day,Laksha Deepam,Chitrai Graham,
2 Aadi Festival(Fridays) Five Fridays Festivals,Five Sundays Festivals
3 Iypasi Deepavali Festival
4 Karthikai Festival Karthikai Deepam,Laksha Deepam
5 Margazhi Festival Morning 4.00 AM Poojas for the Total Month
6 Thai Festival Pongal Festival,Thai Amavasai
7 Masi Festival Masi Peruvizha 13 Days Festival
8 First day The Mahashivratri festival
9 Second day Mayana Poojai
10 Fifth day Thimithi Thiruvila
11 Seventh day Thiru Therottam
12 Ninth day Pushpa Pallakku
13 Tenth day Theppam Urchavam
14 Thirteenth day Kappu Khazagha Festival
15 Every New Moon Day Amman Cradle Special Festival,12.00 – 1.30 AM mid night
16 Every Full Moon Day Amman Special Prayer and Cradle Festival,9.00 – 1.00 PM
17 Every Friday Weekly Prayers, Amman Cradle festival,7.00 – 8.00 AM
18 Navarathiri Festival 10 Days Festival,Vijaya Dhasami,Parivettai

Note :

There is no Oonjal Urchavam in the month of Chitrai & Masi.

How to reach Melmalayanur

  • 21 km from chetput (Tiruvannamalai District).
  • 32 km from Gingee in Viluppuram District.
  • Avalurpet(Town Panchayat) which is 10 km away
  • 22 km away from Thiruvannamalai

The nearest railway station is Kanij which is located at 17km  distance.

Nearest airport to Melmalayanur is Vellore airport – 69 km away.

Other Places


Spread over three hills, it is enclosed by a huge 6oft.thick rampart.Inside the fort there are Venkataramana Temple, Kalyan Mahal, Horse stables, Granary, Mosque and Prisoner’s Cell.

Nestled on three hills, and enclosed by a huge rampart 60 feet thick, stands the majestic GINGEE Fort, in the Villuppuram district, which is located on the Thindivanam to Thiruvannamalai road about 25 kms from Thindivanam and 130 kms from Chidambaram.

Hanuman Temple


Venkataramana Temple :

Krishnagiri Fort : This is a small hill made up of granite boulders, located to the north of Rajagiri on the main road from GINGEE to Tiruvannamalai. The citadel on this hill, can be reached by climbing a flight of steps over a steep slope. Within the citadel are two stone-built granaries, a pillared hall, two temples and an edifice built of brick and mortar known as the Audience Chamber.

Management: The temple is under Hindu Religious Charitable Endowments Department (HRCE) Tamilnadu.

Visit Angala parameswari temple and be blessed

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