Wisdom speaks

Wisdom speaks

Dharma darsanam kaligite daiva darsanam praptistundi

Dharma is righteousness, Artha – Money, Kaama – Desire, Moksha – Salvation.

Dharma artha Kaama moksha – Purusharaartham

Focusing on Artha Kaama leaving Dharma and Moksha

Dhaaranaath Dharma – Dharma is fit for wearing, following and practicing.

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita – Who protects dharma they will be protected by dharma

Yato Dharma Sthato Jayah –  Where Dharma is there/exist there Victory prevails

Kshtre Kshetre Dharma kuru – Be righteous everywhere

Kali yug can be made Krita yug with Dharma

Yadhaa raja thathaa prajaa

Raja with Rishitvam become Raajarshi

Rajas lost rishitvam and remaind just Rajas

Now Rajaa ares gone and people are raja

Mental power is stronger than physical power

Arjun felt weak and grief stricken on seeing the opponents in Kurukshetra

  • Arjuna is powerful but became weak due to situations. Divine intervention and knowledge pouring helped him to gain the mental/physical power again to fight back

Uttara Kumar is not having physical power that made him weak in mental alss

Raajyam veerabhojyam – State and power is for those who are brave.

Dhairye saahase Lakshmi – Propserity showers on brave.

Arjun fought many wars and always successful. When cows are stolen Arjun helped Uttara Kumar to win battle and cows.

Krishna made Arjun realize the reality of his purpose and make him to fight back in Kurukshetra.

Bahujana hittaya bahujana sukhaaya – for the welfare of people.

Na paradaaragacheth – Don’t wish others wives.

Dritaraashta – man of adhrama

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